Vice Chancellor Merit Scholarship Scheme for Innovation (VCMSSI)

“₹ 10 Million institute’s own funding for promoting innovation and research culture”

For the past few years, a new trend has been observed within Indian Universities where a lot of effort is going on to promote research, innovation and start-ups. The government has made it mandatory for the Universities to work in this direction. All the major national ranking systems such as NIRF and ARIIA focuses on these areas for judging and ranking the Universities. The NorthCap University has always been a step ahead in promoting the innovation and research culture in the University.

The NorthCap University has instituted this scheme in year 2015 to encourage, support and nurture innovative ideas, research and projects. The scheme aims to build an innovation culture in the university and focuses on enhancing the research, innovation and start-ups ideas amongst research workers, faculty members and students. A fund of ₹ 10 million is allocated for the innovation and start-up activities by the University. Further, to support research, The NorthCap Incubation & Innovation Centre (NIIC) at The NorthCap University is established. The funding from VC Innovation Fund acts as an initial grant to nurture ideas, innovations and to convert them into successful startups. The research initiatives funded through this scheme should be preferably suitable for commercialization of the resulting innovation for societal projects. The use of this fund is to shape meaningful research that can potentially attract funding from the outside agencies and industries in the future. The innovation fund would also support novel and innovative undergraduate projects that may or may not directly yield outcomes in the form of patents or research publications.

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Details of Funding under VCMSSI since 2015

The funding received by various faculties and students since 2015 is reported below:

S.No. Academic year Amount Sanctioned
1 2015-16 Rs 18,820/-
2 2016-17 Rs 4,35,508/-
3 2017-18 Rs 23,000/-
4 2018-19 Rs 1,23,560/-
5 2019-20 Rs 4,28,733/-
6 2020-21 Rs 53,720/-
7 2021-22 Rs 1,44,457/-
8 2022-23 Rs 4,33,600/-

Some of the visible outputs of the VCIF sponsored projects are mentioned below:

  • Filing of Patents from VCIF scheme funded projects
  • Research paper publications in various Scopus/SCI journals.
  • Initial funding from VCIF and results obtained helped students/faculties to apply for funding under various government schemes
  • Placements of students on the basis of project work carried under VCIF.
  • Won inter-university project competitions.

Some of the projects funded under the VCIF scheme are listed below:

  1. Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) Disciplined Oscillator.
  2. Automatic gas controller for boiling of liquids.
  3. Synthesis and electrochemical characterisation of NiCo2O4@MnO2/N-doped Graphene as composite electrode material for supercapacitor applications.
  4. Smart Car Management System.
  5. Fabrication of low-cost 3D printer
  6. Remote monitoring and protection of UPS locations across The NorthCap University campus.
  7. Design and fabrication of a hybrid rocket engine.
  8. Power generation through moving vehicles on road.
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