Vice chancellors innovation fund scheme

THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY has instituted the Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Fund to encourage shaping of innovative ideas and to carry out basic research.

The scheme aims at encouraging innovative ideas amongst research workers, faculty members and students to seed research activity. Further, to support research, The Master Jaggannath Centre of Excellence & Incubation (MJCEI) at The NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY is established. The funding from the VC Innovation Fund acts as an initial grant to nurture ideas, passion & convert products into startups.

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Details of Vc Innovation Funded Projects

Year 2015 (Student Projects)

S.No.Project titleDepartmentName of RecipentsAmount Received (Rs.)
1Six degrees of freedom autonomous and mobile robotic manipulorEECEMs. Antariksha Kar, Mr. Ishant Bharadwaj (Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Sidhart Bhatia)1,00,000/-
2Hand Gestures Using Color Segmentation Implementation FPGAEECEMr. Udit Handa Shubham Gupta (Faculty Coordinator: Ms Nidhi Sharma)36,500/-
3Security BoxEECEMr. Shard Bansal Mr. Nishant Chaturvedi (Faculty Coordinator: Ms Anjali Garg)20,000/-
Total 1,52,500/-

Year 2016-17 (Student Projects)

S.No.Project titleDepartmentName of RecipentsAmount Received (Rs.)
1WiFi Powered Indoor Navigation System with Multilinguial Support (Nav Me Bot)CSEMr. Harshit Juneja Ms. Kirti Aggarwal (Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Shilpa Mahajan)20,400/-
2Power generation through moving vehicles on roadECEE & MEMr. Tushar Chadha Mr. Ketan Singhal (Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Anjati Garg, Dr. Feras AI-Hakkak)1,35,000/-
3Design and fabrication of a hybrid rocket engineMEMr. Suyash Ghirnikar Mr. Tanmay Dhanote (Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Feras AI-Hakkak, Mr. Anuj K. Jain)2,00,000/-

Year 2016-17 (Student Projects)

S.No.Project titleDepartmentName of RecipentsAmount Received (Rs.)
1Efficency and Performance Improvement of the LPG Cooking StoveMEDr. Rohit Singh Lather, Dr. Pramod Bhatia, and Mr. Darpan Dahiya1,75,000/-
2Remote monitoring and protection of UPS Locations cross The NorthCap University campusCSEMr. Sandeep Singh, Dr. Yogita Gigras, and Mr. Deepak Satyarthi50,000/-
3Design and Development of low power WSN MoteECEEMs. Amanpreet Kaur, Mr. Pankaj Rakheja, Ms Rupal Kapoor, amd Mr. Shailesh Kumar3,00,000/-

The funding received by various faculties and students over the last five years is reported below:

S.No.Academic yearAmount Sanctioned
12015-16Rs Rs 1,52,500/-
22016-17Rs Rs 4,35,508/-
32017-18Rs Rs 23,000/-
42018-19Rs Rs 1,23,646
52019-20Rs Rs 4,24,633
Total funding under VCIF (2015-2020)Rs Rs 11,59,287/-

Some of the visible outputs of the VCIF sponsored projects are mentioned below:

  • Filing of Patents from VCIF scheme funded projects
  • Research paper publications in various Scopus/SCI journals.
  • Initial funding from VCIF and results obtained helped students/faculties to apply for funding under various government schemes
  • Placements of students on the basis of project work carried under VCIF.
  • Won inter-university project competitions.

Some of the projects funded under the VCIF scheme are listed below:

  1. Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) Disciplined Oscillator.
  2. Automatic gas controller for boiling of liquids.
  3. Synthesis and electrochemical characterisation of NiCo2O4@MnO2/N-doped Graphene as composite electrode material for supercapacitor applications.
  4. Smart Car Management System.
  5. Fabrication of low-cost 3D printer
  6. Remote monitoring and protection of UPS locations across The NorthCap University campus.
  7. Design and fabrication of a hybrid rocket engine.
  8. Power generation through moving vehicles on road.

Apply for VC Innovation Fund Scheme (Guidelines & Forms)

For More Information :

VC Innovation fund coordinator:

Dr. Satnam Singh,

Assistant Professor(Selection Grade), Mechanical Engineering Department, The NorthCap University

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