Completed Sponsored Projects

S.No.FacultyDepartmentResearch AreaSchemeStartEndSanction
1Dr. Vaishali SahuCEE.

Experimental and Numerical Study of Single Pile Capacity Adjacent to Existing Buried Pile System.

DST (WOS-A)21.11.201516.01.2020Rs.25.41 Lakhs
2Ms Pooja SabherwalECE.

Delineation of QRS complex for feature extraction of Myocardial Infarction in single lead ECG signal.

DST (WOS-A)19.09.201630.09.2019Rs.18.15 Lakhs
3Ms. Geetika MunjalCSE.

Phylogenetic Model for cancer classification.

DST (WOS-A)29.08.201629.08.2019Rs.18.90 Lakhs
4Dr. Chetna Tyagi & Dr. Ambika SharmaAPS.

Study of Polymer nanocomposites for solar cell applications.

DST (WOS-A)15.06.201615.06.2019Rs.24.30 Lakhs
5Dr.Aditya SharmaAPS.

Lateral Flow Assay Strip Sensor Development for Non-Invasive Point of Care Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection

DST (SERB) Young Scientist25.07.201625.07.2019Rs.42.02 Lakhs
6Dr.Akansha Singh, & Ms. Sumanlata GautamCSE.

Emotion recognition system for autistic children.

DST (CSRI)20.05.201620.05.2019Rs.18.27 Lakhs
7Dr. Rita ChhikaraCSE.

Neural network based steganalysis.

DST (WOS-A)10.08.201530.08.2018Rs.20.51 Lakhs
8Dr. Deepika Chaoudhary & Dr. Hukum SinghAPS.

Study of optical and electrical properties of nanostructured glasses for application in optical recording media.

DST (WOS-A)30.05.201503.06.2018Rs.30.03 Lakhs
9Dr. Phool Singh & Dr. Jyotsna SinghAPS.

A computational model for STN (sub thalamic nucleus) in Parkinson Disease to investigate the discharge patterns.

DST (CSRI)06.08.201506.08.2018Rs.19.31 Lakhs
10Dr. Dipti Vaya & Dr. Tejpal Singh Chundawat (APS)APS.

Development of Polyurethane coating for blast mitigation.

DRDO (CARS)21.04.201514.07.2017Rs. 9.99 Lakhs
11Dr. Sunanda VashisthAPS.

To Prepare a State-of-Art Status Report on Phase Retrieval Techniques in Optics and Their Relative Performance.

IRDE, DRDO16.09.201316.03.2015Rs. 8.15 Lakhs
12Ms. Niharika GargCSE.

Logistics @ 360o Tracking using RFID and Pocket PC Wireless Scanners. Broad Area

WOS - A,DST19.08.201231.05.2015Rs. 19.45 Lakhs
13Mrs. Anjali GargECE .

Intelligence Electronic load controller for Induction Generators.

WOS - A,DST08.08.201107.02.2015Rs. 25.05 Lakhs
14Mrs. Ambika DeviAPS.

Optical Study of Chalcogenide Glassy Alloys: Se84-xTe15Bi1.0Mx (Where M = Ag, Sn, In, Sb and x = 0,2,4,6,8)? Area of Research: Material Science) Phase change memory devices.

WOS - A,DST01.03.201103.12.2014Rs. 25.05 Lakhs
15Prof B K DassAPS.

Investigation of Structural, Magnetic and Transport Properties of Doped Manganite and Multiferroics Materials.

DRDO15.05.201031.12-2012Rs. 16.03 Lakhs
16Dr Rashmi TyagiAPS.

Hydorcarbon Production by the Alga Botryococcus.

DST01.01.201101.01.2014Rs. 26.16 Lakhs
17Dr Deepti GaurCSE.

Fuzzy Algorithms to Characterize the Nature of Speech impairments in Children with Speech Disorders.

RPS, AICTE22.11.201022.11.2012Rs. 2.50 Lakhs
18Dr Latika SinghCSE.

Fuzzy Algorithms to Characterize the Nature of Speech impairments in Children with Speech Disorders.

DST03.12.201019.11.2013Rs. 19.35 Lakhs
19Ms Savita SondhiECE.

Design and Developmeny of a portable wireless assistive device for Physically Challenged Person.

DST08.08.201112.09.2012Rs. 18.05 Lakhs
20Prof. K K ChaudharyME.

Study of dispersion of pollutants from vehicular exhausts using CFD techniques.

RPS, AICTE12.03.200931.03.2011Rs. 16.60 Lakhs
21Prof. Pramod BhatiaME.

Studying the effect of variation in compression ratio on performance characteristics of an IC Engine.

RPS, AICTE17.06.201031.03.2011Rs. 15.00 Lakhs
22Ms Shiv ManjreeME.

Dynamic Analysis of Robotic Systems Using Artifical Intelligent Techniques.

RPS, AICTE09.04.201131.03.2013Rs. 11.00 Lakhs
23Ms. Kiran YadavCSE.

Intelligent Searching Technique.

RPS, AICTE22.11.201021.11.2012Rs. 2.50 Lakhs
24Dr. V GayatriCE.

Geotechinical characterization and strength studies of stabilized and tire shred mixed fly ash.

DST14.01.201214.01.2015Rs. 23.30 Lakhs
25Dr. Anil MisraCE .

Study of the Salinity and Flouride Hazards in Shallow and Deep Aquifers of Fatehpur Sikri Block with special reference to Environmental Impact Analysis of Small Scale Industries and other Anthropogenic Pollutants on Groundwater.

DST-SERC01.04.201201.04.2013Rs. 3.50 Lakhs
26Dr. Prabhjot KaurECE.

Medium Access Control Design for Congnitive Radio networks.

RPS-AICTE05.03.200804.03.2010Rs. 10.00 Lakhs
27Prof. Swaran AhujaECE.

Modernization of Data Communication Laboratory.

MODROB, AICTERs. 12.00 Lakhs
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