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Abhimanch Theatre Society, the dramatics society of The NorthCap University, is a miniature of life! What started in the year 2011 with a small team of passionate artists is now a huge group of like-minded and passionate artists. Several enthusiastic members are committed to experiencing and relishing the art form through the various performances that have been brought together over the years. The Society has put up great stage plays that have beautifully depicted our Indian culture and have also showcased the day to day simple but unnoticed circumstances and emotions that we witness in our lives. SHORTS, Tarkash, Court-martial and many more outstanding plays have been brought together by Abhimanch in the recent past.

The word dance alludes to enchanting rhythms and the artistic flow of beats. It is a performing art, a creative portal, and an ever-evolving form of expression. As a platform, the Dance Club which is the most dynamic and vibrant Club at NCU aims to promote the culture of these evolving dance styles ranging from hip hop, Tango, Disco, Folk to even classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam and kathak. The Club is very active in organising various dance events within the campus and remains keen in showcasing NCU’s talent through competitions outside the University. One gets to see the Club members mesmerising the audience on numerous events at NCU.
The Club comprises of two different teams namely:

  • The Morphinated

  • The Lions Bhangra

Art and music have always been an integral part of the academic pursuit at NCU. Apart from various value-added programmes, the University has been proactive in facilitating extra-curricular activities for the students to recognise and hone their skills in these activities. ‘Encore’, the Music Club of the University is one such platform created to provide an opportunity for the students to learn music and excel in any field of music they are interested in. The society promotes music in all the best possible ways starting from the basic knowledge to complex musical innovations. The Club is involved in imparting training on vocal and instrumental music. It has been actively involved in various activities of the University under the supervision of a Faculty of Music.

“Kindle the entrepreneur in you”

The objectives of the E-Cell at The NorthCap University, Gurugram, are :

  • To shape the entrepreneurial attitudes of the students across the university.

  • To provide possible support/hand-holding to the potential student entrepreneurs i.e. students with entrepreneurial intent

Reach Us :

Details of Events organised:

NCU organized a cultural programme “A Colorful Canvas: Cultural Extravaganza” on 23rd February 2018. The aim of the event was to bring together different cultures of various parts of our country under one roof in order to highlight diversity of India. As every other occasion in India, this program, too, started with Ganesh Vandana, followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. Sushmita Waraich. She welcomed the parents, faculty members and the students to the event highlighting the importance of such cultural events. She pointed out that today, youngsters try to blindly follow western culture without any knowledge about their own culture. This was also supported by the Pro Chancellor, Prof. Prem Vrat, who, while addressing the audience, encouraged the team for the initiative, and suggested that such events should take place in the future as well. After the inauguration ceremony, the performances of the students commenced. This two hour event comprised of folk dances by students from Haryana, Rajasthan, Assam, Punjab, Kerala, Odisha and Gujarat. Not only students, but the faculty members too actively participated in the event. Mr. Aroop Goswamy sang the well-known ghazal ‘Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera’ in his melodious voice, while Ms. Archana Sarma mesmerized the crowd with the folk songs of Assam and West Bengal. The event was coordinated by Dr. Sushmita Waraich and Dr. Saumya Dixit.

Google Students’ Club acts as a liaison between Google and the university campus. The club conducts workshops in different fields in order to educate the students about the latest technological developments. GSC also aims to promote Google products and services amongst the youth of the campus through social media, and various other technical and non-technical events. The club have successfully organised numerous workshops in different branches such as Graphic Designing, 3D game development, web development, code optimization and many other fields. The club stands on the motto- “Do cool things that matter!

LUMIÈRE-The Photography Club of The NorthCap University, where students share their passion for photography, encourages all students who desire to click and become Club members. The Club comprises a group of photography enthusiasts who believe in creating memories while clicking life's precious moments. Team Lumiere is responsible for covering all cultural and technical events taking place at the University. The Club has organised several exhibitions and photography contests that have helped students showcase their talents. The Club also organises training sessions for the new members where renowned experts impart nuances of the art.

NCU Mathemactive Society:

“Mathemactive”, the Maths society of NCU(Formerly ITM University), was envisaged by Applied Sciences and Humanities department in 2008 with a vision to promote and facilitate the knowledge and applicability of Maths in various fields and encourage the students to participate and drive out their inherent fears of mathematics being a ‘tough’ subject and subsequently increase their ‘mathematical quotient’ which forms the crux of most competitive exams as well.

This society concentrates on events related to Mathematics.


ADVANCE the understanding of modern mathematics and the technical mathematics by bringing together the ideas of professors of diverse background, by facilitating the integration of research directed at all levels of mathematical organization and by encouraging translational research to develop improved methods and easy ways.

PROVIDE professional development activities, information and educational resources for mathematics, increase participation of students from other institutes as well

PROMOTE public information and general education about the nature of mathematics’ discovery and results and implications of latest research.

INFORM students about new scientific knowledge, recent developments and emerging opportunities in mathematics research and their implications.

At the grassroots level, the Quizzing Society aims to inculcate curiosity in students and encourage them to undertake the quest for knowledge. The Society aims to prepare all student members to be competent enough to face the fast-moving, competitive world by motivating them to participate in competitive examinations with confidence and emerge victorious.

Quizzes are different from GK Tests in the sense that they have the aspect of “work-ability” to them. This means that even a novice can attempt these quizzes and do well in them – this helps encourage and inculcate curiosity in the student. They promote sportsmanship and a healthy spirit of competition.

The Quizzing Society aims to unite interested individuals and provide them with a platform to practice quizzing in the pattern followed across India at the university level. As part of the society, we aim to train members and keep them up-to-date with the latest trivia and current affairs, so that we can represent the university at various quizzes held at the intra-university, inter-university, regional, national, and international levels.


Students get to stay up-to-date with current events and get to express themselves in a new format. They also get to learn in-depth about any field they wish to know about.

They may also get exposure to participating in various quizzing contests around the Delhi-NCR region (as beginners) and outside Delhi, based on their performance in the society.

This will help them gain confidence, forge new bonds with fellow members, and gain knowledge which will help them in the long run (in interviews, in general development, etc.).

The quizzing society plans to conduct at least two events per semester, either independently, or in coordination with other clubs or societies as jointly conducted events. Each quiz will have slightly different patterns, but follows the same basic rules and structure.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) has been in operation in The NorthCap University since October 2015. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India has vide their letter no. F.No P/14/NSS/RCD/112 dated 20 Feb 2015 accorded sanction to open Self Financing University (1 unit consist of 50-100 volunteers). National Service Scheme (NSS) is a platform where students get the opportunity to directly interact with society.

Aim and Objectives

The broad objectives of NSS are to-

  • Understand the community in which they work

  • Understand themselves in relation to their community

  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in the problem-solving process

  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility

  • Utilize their knowledge in finding a practical solution to individual and community problems

  • Develop the competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities

  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation

  • Acquire leadership qualities and a democratic attitude

  • Develop the capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and

  • Practice national integration and social harmony.

In short, NSS aims to inculcate social service in the students for the welfare of humanity, sharing their services to society without bias and enhancing their standard of living while leading a life of dignity.

NSS at the North Cap University

NSS NCU Chapter facilitates a space for the student to pursue real issues in our country. Students should have some duties towards society or the nation from where they harmonize. It is also an exercise of learning when students visit ground zero or serve personally. So, NSS NCU Chapter is that platform which facilitates opportunities to do for society, and at the time they acquire diverse knowledge. There is a great role of the youth, particularly young-educated people, in society and nation-building. They have huge potential and enthusiasm to dedicate them to reform, improvement. The real success of the learning is to apply gained knowledge, and NSS NCU Chapter symbolizes the same. NorthCap University contributes to diverse fields, especially by its academic excellence. Besides these, NCU contributes to the field of upliftment of society.

NSS NCU Chapter Activities

There are some remarkable social service activities done by the NSS NCU Chapter. For instance, Blood Donation Camps with collaboration with Rotary; Village Adoption Project (Adopted 2 villages and 4 government schools) focusing on education of children and awareness development among poor section of the village; Stationery Collection and distribution to the poor people and recently organised Residential Camp, an annual 3 days event organised by the NSS NCU Chapter in the adopted village Abheypur, Sohna, Gurugram which develops the courage to face failure and strive to achieve success with determination in volunteers.

NSS NCU CHAPTER is in the process of extending hands in various projects such as:

  • Skilled Literacy Program (Start-Up India Campaign)

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • Developing and assisting teaching/learning infrastructure in all the adopted Government Schools

  • Career Counselling to the students of our adopted govt. school

  • Social Rehabilitation of Inmates in Jail (Bhondsi Jail Project)

  • Awareness to donate blood and organs


NSS Report on Social Outreach

Computers and technology are taking over the world, assuring a new era of digitalisation. So, it is natural that the ability to write a code is almost like a superpower. The Programmers Club of NCU strives to help students learn competitive programming and take it to a different level to meet the professional world's growing demands and improve our students' career prospects. The aim is to create an environment that promotes computer science and problem-solving skills and enable them to become better programmers. This Club organises hackathons, workshops and other coding events for all departments. These events give great exposure and a unique experience to the participants. Industry experts are also invited to address students on relevant topics to promote the concept even further. The Club intends to make the seniors and juniors interact with one another to create a robust support system so that the beginners can receive ample guidance in the field. The Club has a tie-up with the organisation Coding Ninjas for conducting various events at NCU.

Recreation is a means for students to release and relax. Recreational activity provides both physical and mental balance. This balance allows students to take chances and grow. Students will learn to push their own physical barriers and become stronger individuals while discovering their personal potential. By constantly raising the bar, students learn new skills and understand that they can always progress with constant determination.

Trips and Trekking expedition organised in last year:

Trip to Goa Dec 2017:
A Trip to Goa has been organised by the recreational club of The NorthCap University, Gurgaon from 12th to 18th Dec 2017. Students from different schools from university participated in this recreational trip.

Trip to Manali 2018:
NCU Recreation Club organised its 5th trip to Manali for the students of engineering, school of law and school of management. 21 students from different schools have joined us on this strip.

Trek to Kasol and Kheerganga:

Trekkers of NCU club is organised its Third Trekking expedition to Kasol and Kheerganga from 28-31st March 2018. Faculty, staff, students and alumni have joined us in this trekking expedition. We trekked 42 kilometers in 3 days.

Rotaract, the youth wing of Rotary International, is a service club for young men and women ages between 18 and 30 who are dedicated to community and international service. Rotaract clubs are self-governing and self-supporting and can be either university- or community-based. Individual Rotary clubs sponsor Rotaract clubs and offer guidance and support, making the Rotaract clubs true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.

With the help of the Rotary Club, Gurgaon, a university-based Rotaract Club was constituted on February 13, 2017. The Charter installation ceremony of the Club was formally organized at the NCU Auditorium on August 24, 2017. Since its inception, the Club has been involved in various activities, e.g. organizing blood donation camp, visiting old age home, organizing awareness campaigns, celebrating Diwali with construction workers, etc. Presently, Rotaract NCU Club boasts of over 100 Rotaractors from all three schools of the university. From the students’ perspective, such an initiative enhances their social outreach and makes an impact in the society. Besides, emphasizing on the respect for the rights of others, it also helps them in enhancing their knowledge and skills which would be helpful in personal development, addressing the physical and social needs of their communities, and promoting better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

President: Rtr. Ranjit Bhambh

Vice-President: Rtr. Prakriti Sharma

Secretary: Rtr. Aditi Jain

Faculty Advisor: Ms.Pallavi Bajpai, Assistant Professor, School of Law, NCU

With the end of the rota year 2019-20, The Rotaract Club of The NorthCap University is delighted to introduce its new board members for the rota year 2020-21.

President: Prakriti Sharma

Vice-President: Vanshika

Secretary: Yashika Kapoor

Joint Secretary: Akshay Makkar

Social club at SOM aims to sensitize students towards the societal needs for creating a better society.

School of Management organized a one-day seminar on 2nd Nov, 2018 on “Transitioning from Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Sustainability Education.” The invited speakers were Ms Mamta Saikia (COO, Bharti Foundation), Shobhit Bhatnagar (PwC, alumnus-SOM), Mr Hitesh Sharma (National Manager, Ricoh India Ltd.), Mr Pravin Malick (Environment Director, South Asia markets, Tetra Pak India) and Ms Sweta Bhattacharjee (Mobile Creches). The students’ participation was quite overwhelming with over 125 registrations from across the university and non-NCU students. Each speaker stressed on the point of giving back to the society while integrating the same with their corporate objectives and shared how they have been doing it. This was coordinated by Dr Sushmita B Waraich and Dr Deergha Sharma.

Synergy club of the school of management organized the Advertisement making competition named as the ‘AD- MAD SHOW’ on 8th February 2018 to showcase their creativity in Marketing products & services and also their acting talent. Its objective is to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It comprises of a humorous & conceptual Ad presentation by the students where students in teams are provided an innovative product that is not yet launched in the market and they are expected to present an Ad of maximum 1 minute.

Latest Events

Synergy club of the school of management organized a ‘case study analysis competition’ on 13th February 2018 to help students apply the learning in the classroom to an actual business challenge.

Synergy club of the School of Management organized “Creativity Festival” on April 12, 2018 wherein students were able to showcase their creativity through three competitions: Face Painting, Poster making and collage making, on the Theme: Make in India.


Yoga, when we hear the word yoga, our very first perception is exercises or Asana and the second is, spirituality or rituals. But yoga is far beyond that. Yoga does not only mean doing Asanas and getting a fit and flexible body, that is just a side benefit. But the main aim of doing Yoga is calming and pacifying our mind. And making our body and mind work together in harmony.


And in today’s rushing environment, calm mind and fit body working according to the mind is the need of the hour. But we often do not know. In education institutes like ours, where faculties, students, management and every stakeholder give his or her heart and soul for the betterment of the University, I believe its my duty and University’s responsibility to take care of the whole round development of their stakeholders. So that a teacher can teach better, a student can study better, management can manage better, sportsperson can play better and because of which university can grow better.

It would be one of its own initiatives, which will reflect the beliefs of The NorthCap University, about the whole round development of not only students, not only faculties but each and every stakeholder of the University