Co-curricular Clubs

Abhimanch, the dramatics Club of The NorthCap University, is a miniature of life! What started in the year 2011 with a small team of passionate artists is now a huge group of like-minded and passionate artists. Several enthusiastic members are committed to experiencing and relishing the art form through the various performances that have been brought together over the years. The Club has put up great stage plays that have beautifully depicted our Indian culture and have also showcased the day to day simple but unnoticed circumstances and emotions that we witness in our lives. SHORTS, Tarkash, Court-martial and many more outstanding plays have been brought together by Abhimanch in the recent past.

Debating has always been an integral part of a student’s curriculum as it develops their mental faculties and teaches them advocacy and analytical skills. Abhivyakt, the debating Club provides a forum for students to express their opinion on various contemporary issues making them mindful, enlightened and vigilant. It conducts debate competitions at NCU regularly and provides students with the required exposure and training to participate in inter-university events

The Brainstorming Club is a problem solving and design thinking club that makes students work on exercising every neuron of the brain. It combines a relaxed, informal approach to problem-solving with lateral thinking. It encourages people to come up with thoughts and ideas that could solve a lot of daily problems. Some of these out of the box ideas could be crafted into original, creative solutions to problems, while others can spark even more ideas. This helps in pushing people out of their standard ways of thinking and looking at problems. The Brainstorming Club provides a free and open environment that encourages everyone to participate. Quirky ideas are invited and built upon, and all participants are encouraged to contribute and develop a rich array of creative solutions. When used during problem-solving, brainstorming brings the team members diverse experience into play. It increases the richness of ideas explored, and one can often find better solutions to the problems that one faces. Competitions, ice-breaking sessions, project discussions, webinars have been organised by the Club in the past.


The Cloudiot Club is a new initiative by the CSE department that aims to develop a community that is all about cloud computing and the Internet of things. It is a practical, outcome-oriented group whose primary focus is developing working prototypes and providing solutions to real-life problems. The Club aims to guide students with new IoT & cloud computing projects- both community-based and interdisciplinary projects.

Club Alumnati endeavours to achieve an assembly of Alumni and the currently registered ME students of the University to ignite the fire of the technical spirits they have within themselves. The Club aims at organizing events like guest lectures, talk shows, mentoring sessions, and pre-placement interview sessions that our Alumni shall conduct.


The Club aims to inculcate professionalism and leadership among students so that they come up with flying colours in their professional life. The Club also provides ample opportunities for students to enhance their technical skills by providing support in getting Internship and project opportunities through Alumni connect.


The Sapient Club, of EECE Department of NCU works towards promoting the holistic development of the students of NCU. The Club organises a series of events on aspects like personality development, developing technical skills through webinars, quizzes etc., and creating social awareness through lectures and related events etc. It aims to provide every volunteer with a learning experience that contributes to building his personality. It also prepares students for interview sessions and placements. The Club's main emphasis is on students' overall development so that they can confidently face real-life challenges.

Code Arts is a SIG (Student Interest Group) of IEEE NCU Student Branch dedicated to creating a community of proficient coders and individuals skilled in domains like Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Image Processing & Business Analytics, etc. The Club also prepares students for IeeeXtreme, which is one of the best hackathons in the world. We aim to equip each of our members with outstanding coding skills, starting with the basics. From writing rudimentary programs to developing advances websites and applications, the SIG's initiatives will help make this transition smooth for any aspiring coder. The Club has organised several successful events in the past. Speakers from prominent organisations like Google, Amazon etc., were invited to deliver talks during the events. The event list includes a complete series of webinars on Data Structures and Algorithms, Coding contests like Blind Coding, Hackathons like IeeeXtreme, etc.

Computer Networks are the basis of communication in the modern era of technology. They are used in a wide variety of ways and can include many different types of networks. A computer network consists of a set of electronic devices (router, switches, hubs and bridges) connected together so that they can share information. The earliest examples of computer networks are from the 1960s (ARPANET), but they have come a long way since then. Computernerds is the networking Club of The NorthCap University that works to impart basic Computer Networking skills among students. The Club provides hands-on experience to students through workshops/seminars on different networking software and technologies.

The Indian Constitution touches upon our daily lives in several ways. The front-page news is plastered with aspects of liberty, freedom, equality etc.- i.e. the concepts present within the Constitution. The Constitutional Law Club is a student-driven initiative where discussions on theoretical and current issues that the Constitution creates and solves are taken up through events. In the future trajectory, the Club intends to organise talks, discussions and matters of rights and duties programmes.

The Club strives to stimulate interest in problem-solving projects through technology among the students of the institute. This exemplary virtue binds the Club and helps young minds put their creative ideas in solving daily life problems through the use of technology.  The Club firmly believes in working in a planned, organised, and disciplined manner that helps achieve risk-free management, well-defined goals, an organised and disciplined work structure, and motivated members. The Club community encourages students to explore the creator within them. Besides endeavouring to spread knowledge on Engineering and its diverse applications, the Club also stands by the subtle acronym: TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More.

The word dance alludes to enchanting rhythms and the artistic flow of beats. It is a performing art, a creative portal, and an ever-evolving form of expression. As a platform, the Dance Club which is the most dynamic and vibrant Club at NCU aims to promote the culture of these evolving dance styles ranging from hip hop, Tango, Disco, Folk to even classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam and kathak. The Club is very active in organising various dance events within the campus and remains keen in showcasing NCU’s talent through competitions outside the University. One gets to see the Club members mesmerising the audience on numerous events at NCU.

The Club comprises of two different teams namely:

The Morphinated

The Lions Bhangra

The Data Analysis and Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group concerned with the effective analysis of data. The group includes members with diverse research interests, who work to create better tools and algorithms for analysing and displaying data. The members of the group perform research and development over a wide range of topics involving big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image and signal processing, optimisation, pattern recognition, statistics and visualisation.

E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) aims to promote the entrepreneurship culture both in and around the University by providing multiple platforms to budding entrepreneurs where they can improve upon their business models, get mentorship by successful entrepreneurs, interact with investors and also groom their entrepreneurship skills. The main objectives of the cell are to shape the entrepreneurial attitudes of the students across the University and to provide possible support and hand-holding to the potential student entrepreneurs i.e. students with entrepreneurial intent. The cell is involved in imparting entrepreneurial education and skills by organising various events.

Effective Altruism is a computer-aided Club that works to impart fundamental computer networking skills among the students and provide hands-on experience through workshops/seminars and other related events. The Club organises events for the holistic development of students and enhances the technical skills of the student members. The primary goal of the Club is to work on engineering that leads to making innovations that benefit future generations and the society. It endeavours to energise students' interest to function and learn about the technical and social-humanitarian side of Engineering.

Art and music have always been an integral part of the academic pursuit at NCU. Apart from various value-added programmes, the University has been proactive in facilitating extra-curricular activities for the students to recognise and hone their skills in these activities. ‘Encore’, the Music Club of the University is one such platform created to provide an opportunity for the students to learn music and excel in any field of music they are interested in. The society promotes music in all the best possible ways starting from the basic knowledge to complex musical innovations. The Club is involved in imparting training on vocal and instrumental music. It has been actively involved in various activities of the University under the supervision of a Faculty of Music.

Exuberance: The Extra-curricular Club of The School of Management provides a platform for students who share common interest and concerns. The Club's vision is to enrich the students' activity status and passionately involve them in ‘Exuberance’. The Club's motto is ‘OF THE STUDENTS, BY THE STUDENTS, AND FOR THE STUDENTS’. The Club aims to make students learn concepts in a manner that is interesting and relaxing for them. The Club is student-centric functions for their best interest and also for the interest of society.

The Club organised several online events, activities and competitions during the Pandemic lockdown. The competitions were open for all. Events like Dances’ Quarantine and Sing’ O Quarantine, theme-based poster making and video making competitions, Basant Fest on the occasion of Basant Panchami, road safety awareness campaign and many more have been organised in the past.

The Google Students' Club of NCU aims at providing overall development to its members. It provides a special platform for students to choose their interest domains and work for its betterment, thereby collectively ensuring the Club's success. The main agenda of the Club is to promote Google products, applications and programmes. The Club also keeps in mind the importance of recreational activities and therefore organises some fun activities during every Club meeting. Workshops are organised at regular intervals, which help students develop technically and learn teamwork. Some workshops organised in the past were on Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, 3D Game Development, Web Development, Code Optimisation, Photoshop, and Ethical Hacking. The Club also focusses on the professional development of the members and works on enhancing their soft skills. All the Club members, including the Faculty, work together to hold up the Club's tagline 'Do Cool Things That Matter'.

The youth of a country play an essential role in building a nation. It is vital that besides being educated, our youth must be familiar with our rich culture, our heritage and the values of the nation-the 'Guru-Shishya' relationship being one of them. In an endeavour to promote the said quintessential values in the youth, the Heritage Club has been established at NCU.  The Club strives to promote a sense of responsibility towards fundamental duties, provide a platform to discern, debate, and discuss local, national and international importance issues. It conducts workshops and conferences amongst youth and intelligentsia to make them aware of the country's heritage and perform all other duties and functions that coincide with the primary objective.

Hrdiya club: Networking and Management club, aims to enhance the current method of knowledge and industry connect. We are a vibrant community of diverse individuals united by shared passions for growth, exploration and making a positive impact.

We are dedicated to create a dynamic and enriching environment where our members can engage in a wide range of activities and pursue their passions, for example, multidisciplinary engagement, community service, personal development, collaboration and networking. Through our diverse range of activities, we are creating an inclusive and inspiring space for personal and collective growth. The Hrdiya club is a place where members can explore, learn, contribute, and find their unique path to self-fulfilment.


To connect diverse groups of people and to start a new journey to pursue our passions together by empowering members with knowledge and skills necessary for professional pursuits.

The Photography Club of The NorthCap University, where students share their passion for photography, encourages all students who desire to click and become Club members. The Club comprises a group of photography enthusiasts who believe in creating memories while clicking life's precious moments. Team Lumiere is responsible for covering all cultural and technical events taking place at the University. The Club has organised several exhibitions and photography contests that have helped students showcase their talents. The Club also organises training sessions for the new members where renowned experts impart nuances of the art.

Marketing is all about creativity, imagination and presence. Keeping this mantra in mindMarketing Marvels - Marketing Club focuses on applied learning beyond class walls. The Club shapes the marketing enthusiasts and marketing futurists of the VUCA world by emphasizing dynamicity and agility. Events led by future marketers and mentored by marketing professors’ ground on inquisitiveness and exploration principles. Brand Quiz, Think like a CMO, Marketing Fair, and Ad Mad are the signature events of the Club. The Club perfectly acts as an enabler of contemporary marketing thoughts and skills among marketers of tomorrow.

‘Mathemactive’, the Maths Society of NCU (Formerly ITM University), was envisaged by Applied Sciences and Humanities department in 2008 with a vision to promote and facilitate the knowledge and applicability of Maths in various fields. It aims at encouraging the students to participate and drive out their inherent fears of mathematics being a ‘tough’ subject and subsequently increase their ‘mathematical quotient’ which forms the crux of most competitive exams as well. The Society’s major focus is to advance the understanding of modern mathematics and technical mathematics. The Society provides professional development activities, information and educational resources for mathematics, increases participation of students from other institutes as well.

The Society aims to promote public information and general education about the nature of mathematics, discovery and results and implications of the latest research. It also informs students about new scientific knowledge, recent developments and emerging opportunities in mathematical research. The Society organises events, seminars and workshops every year to extend the scope of mathematics and provides students with an opportunity to learn many new things.

As the robotics markets are growing even faster than expected, the MEROBO club will be an interactive platform where interested students from interdisciplinary branches can work and learn in the presence of assigned Mentors. Students of the Club gain knowledge of developing and fabricating new robots as per the requirement of the society and take part in competitions on various platforms where they can represent the University. This helps them in developing related technical as well as non-technical skills. The members of the Club shall also get better internship opportunities and certifications for being involved in Robotics.

Minerva, the Quizzing Club of NCU aims to inculcate curiosity in students and encourage them to undertake the quest for knowledge. The Club seeks to prepare all student members to be competent enough to face the fast-moving, competitive world by motivating them to participate in competitive examinations with confidence and emerge victoriously. The Quizzing Club aims to unite interested individuals and provide them with a platform to practice quizzing in the pattern followed at the university level. The Club trains members and keeps them up-to-date with the latest trivia and current affairs in order that they can represent the University at various inter-university, regional, national, and international events.


The Club works on creating awareness among students and society about taking care of natural resources. It works on helping the community while learning about some of the most critical issues we face in the 21st century. It strives to improve environmental quality, which affects the quality of life and healthcare The Club members aim at three aspects: environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic development. They work with a mission to plan, develop, implement, and assess sustainability efforts on campus that benefit the community. The Club shall work on assessing operational efficiency (energy efficiency, water conservation, minimize waste, cost savings, etc.). It shall also work on reducing the environmental impact of the campus and increase student engagement in sustainability initiatives.

The NorthCap University is committed to emerging as one of the stalwart faces in the Gaming AR, VR Industry across the nation, an area of focus that no University has yet emphasized upon. The Gaming mantra Club's objective is to promote the gaming and the game development community within the University premises and outside world. It strives to be appreciative and supportive of the aforementioned and works to create momentum among the students and industry experts through events, seminars and workshops involving established industry professionals and some state-of-the-art technologies.

The entertainment or recreation area at any University escalates productivity and attracts a young workforce. The Gaming Club of NCU works to educate the students about Game tech., Industry trends, simulations and their application in the Industry. The Club plans to establish a Student Chapter as an affiliated body of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association).

The Club aims to create a space for the youth to form their opinions about the existing issues and find solutions for the future by participating in MUNs, Youth Parliaments, and similar conferences, which further adds to a student’s overall holistic development. It organises MUN conferences and trains students to participate as delegates in MUN Conferences organised by other Universities.


While we might get a comprehensive university education to lead a fruitful life, life often throws difficult situations that we are often not prepared for. Club NoViram believes that every student should know how to handle these situations. The Club members work to provide necessary guidance for the problems that often come in an adult’s life and make life difficult. These problems could be career-related or even linked with their physical and mental state or other similar aspects.  Our objective is- “Preparing students for NoViram”. The Club proposes to conduct Workshops, Social Campaigns and Drives, Ecological Visits, Outdoor Educational Visits, Webinars, Psychometric Tests, Debates, Quizzes etc., for the development of NCU students.

The primary goal of the physics club is to explore and find interest in the field of Physics. The Club promotes the interest of students in physical science through lectures and creative physics activities. It plans to organise Expert Lectures by eminent researchers from IITs/top universities, NCU faculty and research scholars on topics related to cutting edge research in physics. The Club demonstrates the passion and intellectual atmosphere that the department of Applied science (NCU) offers for all students – from the exciting UG research opportunities and networking opportunities with faculty to interesting demonstrations and fun social events. This Club will also help the NCU students to know about the significant contribution of Indian International scientists in the field of physics.

Computers and technology are taking over the world, assuring a new era of digitalisation. So, it is natural that the ability to write a code is almost like a superpower. The Programmers Club of NCU strives to help students learn competitive programming and take it to a different level to meet the professional world's growing demands and improve our students' career prospects. The aim is to create an environment that promotes computer science and problem-solving skills and enable them to become better programmers. This Club organises hackathons, workshops and other coding events for all departments. These events give great exposure and a unique experience to the participants. Industry experts are also invited to address students on relevant topics to promote the concept even further. The Club intends to make the seniors and juniors interact with one another to create a robust support system so that the beginners can receive ample guidance in the field. The Club has a tie-up with the organisation Coding Ninjas for conducting various events at NCU.

The Python Warrior’s Club is a new initiative under IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter that aims to develop a community that is all about Python. It is a coding-based group where the main focus is to improve coding skills, scripting skills and working on individual ideas. One can do numerous things with Python: slay dragons, control the apocalypse or probably create a script to ring your desktop notification, etc.  The Club aims to guide students with new projects on Python- both community based and interdisciplinary projects. You have a wild idea to execute with Python? We are there to make it a reality!

The Researchers' Club at NCU promotes collaboration of students and faculty to work on diverse research fields, providing a platform for budding researchers to realize and develop their ideas and convert them into tangible outputs. The club also encourages and involves students in interdisciplinary research activities through webinars, workshops, guest lectures, training etc., arranged by experts from academia/industry.

The Society of Cyber Security Education and Research (SOCER) focuses on generating a technical workforce by upskilling graduates & undergraduates in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. The objective of the group is to develop a pool of highly trained people who can defend Cyberspace against several security threats by building innovative tools and technologies and performing high-quality research. It further seeks to equip students with emerging topics in Blockchain, Dark Web, Malware, etc. It organises and encourages students to participate in Capture The Flag Competitions and Bug Bounty Programs to enhance their skills and employability quotient. SOCER has joined hands with EC-Council as academic partners to facilitate students with the best offers for various certification career tracks. This academic partnership also introduces students to job roles available in this domain.

The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth, (SPIC MACAY), is a movement that promotes Indian classical music, Indian classical dance, and other aspects of Indian culture and heritage. The NorthCap University has always believed in promoting the values and wisdom embodied in the Indian heritage amongst the youth.  It advocates that our students should also get inspired by our rich culture and imbibe the same as a way of life. The University takes the pride of being the nodal centre for SPIC MACAY activities among various institutions in Gurugram. In order to inspire the youth to appreciate the values ingrained in our culture, The SPIC MACAY NCU Chapter organises various programmes involving Indian art and culture. Events like musical performances by legends are organised under the aegis of SPIC MACAY. Renowned exponents of classical Indian music and dance like Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pandit Neeladri Kumar, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pandit Salil Bhatt, Shri TN Krishnan, Shrimati Savita Devi, Shrimati Rashmi Aggarwal, Mr Gustavo Tavares and guitarist Anders Clemens, renowned folk artist Ustad Rehmat Khan Langa, Qutbi Brothers and many more have performed at the University in the past.

Success Mantra, the development club aims to develop and enhance soft skills, business communication skills, leadership skills, team-building skills and analytical skills in students. Besides helping students develop their personalities, the Club strives to help them build their character with competence. It inculcates among students the ability to contribute meaningfully to society through participation in socially relevant activities that enable them to become better human beings and better leaders of tomorrow. The Club has conducted various workshops and training sessions by experts from the professional world in order to help students learn about industrial etiquettes.  Debates, Quizzes and Webinars on relevant contemporary issues have engaged and enthralled the participants in the recent past.


The SYNERGY CLUB of School of Management continually aims at providing the best opportunities for everyone. As the name suggests, Club Synergy believes in interaction and cooperation among students in order to produce a combined and more significant effect in terms of effective management of affairs. The main aim of the Club is to promote the culture of collectivism rather than individualism. As believers of diversity, the Clubs primary focus is to create a society that would provide a holistic view to everyone. Conducting team building activities, personality development, encouraging teamwork, leadership, and management are some of the aspects that the Club focuses on. Guest Lectures and competitions are organised throughout the year, keeping the primary mission of the Club in mind.

Education with practical exposure is the need for today’s competitive environment. Students should be given practical exposure to their subjects in a common platform, where they can learn, understand the application of the theories taught in class, and apply them through their research activities. With this thought in mind, The School of Management started with a society named The Economic Collective. The Club's motive is to understand, interpret, explain the changes in society in general and the economy in particular. The Club organises discussion forums, seminars, talks, competitions, lectures and webinars to give the members the required exposure and experience. It helps students get a real feel of the abstract economic concepts and helps them prepare for organizational, creative and leadership roles. Efforts are also made to collaborate with other such collectives from other universities for inter-university events and programs.

Puzzles are an important educational learning tool for students as they provide many skills and cognitive learning benefits. Playing puzzle-based games is a great way to improve vital skills subconsciously. It enhances an individual’s knowledge and makes him aware of the enormous puzzle world that exists. The Puzzle Club at NCU strives to organise events that help students develop active learning abilities and organisational skills. The recreational benefits of solving puzzles also go hand in hand with various other benefits.

The Club publishes the students e- magazine ‘Hashtag’ and Fosters a creative mindset among associated members. The Club also organises unique, engaging and value-adding competitions/events.

Visualive Club is the creative Society of The NorthCap University. The Club has several creative members who conduct creative events that challenge one's creative capacity, help one in nurturing one's inner confidence and instil curiosity and much more. It conducts many fun and engaging activities in which the students put their full effort and passion. The Club is very active in organising various events within the campus and is also keen on showcasing NCU’s talent through competitions outside the University. It has two different teams, namely the Creativity Team and the Designing Team.

VITTUDYOG-The Finance Club works towards boosting student interest in the field of Finance. It helps them participate in competitions, workshops and other related professional opportunities. The Club's objective is to create awareness among students regarding the financial and stock market and bridge the gap between bookish knowledge and practical knowledge in an exciting manner.

The Women in Coding (WIC) Club of NCU comprises a group of enthusiastic girls who have chosen 'Coding' to empower women and make them strong independent individuals who can support each other through the path to success in every step they take. It’s mission is to empower women in technology and make Coding a gender-neutral platform to showcase problem-solving abilities. It’s vision is to create a society where the technology sector is not driven only by men but has equal representation of women. The Club's efforts are towards creating a change in the thought process to reduce the gender gap in the coding sector and make it more balanced. The Club has organised several Coding based events that exemplify its primary objective.

Practising Yoga helps students stay organised and makes them emotionally, spiritually and physically fit. Yoga helps in building self-discipline and self-control, leading to concentration and a higher level of consciousness. The Yoga Club of NCU enables students to have good health and practise mental hygiene by encouraging them to practice yoga regularly. It organises Yoga camps and training sessions for the students and staff of NCU at regular intervals.


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