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NCU enters into a Memorandum of Understanding with NGOs Neofusion & Sansarino!

30 May, 2023

The NorthCap University has recently entered into Memorandums of Understanding with two NGOs, NeoFusion Creative Foundation and Sa...

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NCU Successfully hosted the 16th Meeting of the Programme Management Board

26 May, 2023

The NorthCap University successfully hosted the 16th Meeting of the Programme Management Board for the DST-PURSE Program on May 25...


Two-day workshop such a huge success!

25 May, 2023

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone for their support in making the 2-day workshop such a huge success!...


Workshop on Creating Multidisciplinary Research Environment

24 May, 2023

For day 1 of the two-day workshop, it was a pure delight to host Dr. Pankaj Mittal, Secretary General of Association of Indian Uni...

Futuristic Innovators

Futuristic Innovators

19 May, 2023

Congratulating our Futuristic Innovators: Ananya Sharma, Shubham Jain & Arpita Samal - Winners of Innohacks 2.0 XR Category!...

Amazing Training Workshop

13 May, 2023

We recently hosted an amazing training workshop for our #NorthCap cleaning staff to explain the importance...

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