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The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and evolution due to technological advancements. Positioned at the forefront, this sector leverages the web revolution, digital channels, and the rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms. The expanding M&E landscape creates a demand for professionals with specialized technological skills.


At the Centre of Media and Entertainment, we offer a diverse range of technology-driven career courses that open up new horizons in various specializations. Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between industry and academia by providing industry-relevant courses. Managing the geographically spread and complex media and technology industry requires professional expertise. Professional training is crucial for the success of artists, technicians, and programmers. Positioned in Delhi, the national capital, our institute uniquely benefits students pursuing these new-age degree programs. Delhi, as a hub of technological advancements, provides an ideal backdrop for students to gain real-world exposure. The city’s dynamic environment facilitates industry collaboration and networking opportunities, ensuring that students receive hands-on experience and stay abreast of the latest trends.


To meet the demand for tech-savvy professionals, the Centre of Media and Entertainment offers specialized programs across various technology disciplines, including Sound Engineering, Visual Effects and Animation, Visual Communication, Game Development, Media & IT and Journalism and Media Production. These programs are designed to equip students with the latest technological tools and methodologies. We believe and fully practice experiential learning. Our contemporary education approach focuses on practical learning through case studies, workshops, seminars, project work, internships, and extensive industry participation. Our faculties, proficient industry professionals, seamlessly transition from the classroom to the field.


Our mission is to provide holistic, experiential, and globally relevant learning. We emphasize developing entrepreneurial skills by fostering creativity and innovation to help students reach their maximum potential.



Our Mission is to provide holistic, experiential and globally relevant learning!


Produce world-class talent by providing globally relevant education designed and delivered in collaboration with the Industry.

Department USPs

Specialized media school that offers all major disciples within the industry's ambit under one roof

Stellar faculty that comprises of industry experts with a combined experience in diverse disciplines

Smaller class-sizes with a high faculty-student ratio, individual attention, and a more interactive approach imparting knowledge

Ever-evolving curriculum to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the fast-paced media industry

Sustained exposure to a wide varity of production studios, TV channels, advertising companies, game studios, and media firms.

Curriculum planned and executed by our Knowledge Partner "Seamedu" who is the only audio school in India to be certified by AVID for Protools certification .

Campus Life


Ms. Preeti Gupta

Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor - BCA

Ms. Jaya John

Faculty of Development Programs

Dr. Deepak Kumar

Program Coordinator & Senior Faculty Visual Communication

Mr. Roger Walker

Centre Head - CME & Senior Faculty - Sound Engineering

Mr. Pramod Saha

Senior Faculty - Visual Communications

Mr. Snigdhadeep Nag

Faculty - Sound Engineering

Mr. Gopal Singh Negi

Senior VFX and Game Art Faculty

Societies and Clubs

Abhimanch- Theatre Club
Dancescape- Dance Club
E-Cell Club
Encore- The Music Club
Google Developers Students Club
Lumiere- The Photography Club
Mathemactive Club
Minerva - The Quizzing Club
NCU Game Mantra
SPIC Macay NCU Chapter
Women In Coding (WIC) & WIC Impact

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