The Department of Applied Sciences at The NorthCap University pursues its Doctor of Philosophy programme with vigor and seriousness that it deserves. With a Central Research Facility and many specialized laboratories, this research Programme is established very well in APS department of NCU with the latest research topics. This is also supported by lot of publications in SCI, web of Science, Scopus and other reputed unpaid journals. At present, 9 scholars have been awarded their doctoral degrees and other 32 students are pursuing PhD in APS. Ph.D in  APS is offered in both full time and part time mode.

Research areas of the Department

  • Condensed matter physics (glasses)
  • Optical image processing
  • Thin Films; Amorphous Semiconductors
  • Polymer nanocomposites
  • Nanomaterials and solar cells
  • Nanomaterials and piezoelectric devices
  • Nano-chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Queueing Theory
  • Data Analytics
  • Graph Theory and Discrete Maths
  • Coding Theory
  • Approximation Theory

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

A candidate seeking admission to the PhD Programme under APS  Department of NCU must have obtained Master of Science, M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)/MA (English, Mathematics) degree with minimum 60% in aggregate or Equivalent, with NET/GATE/JRF/SLET qualified for financial assistance by the government (NCU,NPET exempted) or 67.5% with (NCU,NPET).

The minimum eligibility criteria indicated above for APS is only an enabling clause. The concerned Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) may fix higher criteria at the time of short-listing keeping in view the number of candidates, number of seats and minimum academic / professional background expected to cope with the Programme etc.

Candidates in the final year of their Master’s Programme, who expect to complete all their qualifying degree requirements before the date of registration for the first semester of their Ph.D. Programme at NCU can apply for admission. For short-listing purposes, their performance till the preceding semester (or preceding year, if in case their Programme is year based) would be considered, but the admission would be subject to their meeting the minimum eligibility criteria after their final qualifying examination results are announced. In such cases, a letter from HOD of their current institution, certifying candidate’s Master’s Thesis submission is required at the time of Ph.D. admission. However, if the student fails in the qualifying examination or fails to produce the degree/provisional certificate/mark sheet within 3 months of the commencement of the 1st semester, his/her admission and registration to the Ph.D. Programme will be automatically cancelled with no refund of the semester fees.

Candidates who do not have valid score in national tests like GATE, UGC-NET and SLET will have to appear in Entrance Test named ‘NCU Ph. D. Entrance Test’ (NPET) and will have the following weightage of various components for admission: NPET marks 50% , Qualifying degree marks – 30%, and Interview –20%. Candidates who have valid score in the above National tests shall be exempted from NPET. The following weightage shall be assigned to various components for the admission: NPET marks 50%, qualifying degree marks – 30%, and Interview –20%
The entrance test NPET will be of two hours duration and will be an Objective type test. Entrance Test ‘NPET’ will be held from 10:00 AM to 12 noon on the date specified by the University. For broad syllabus refer Ph.D. Brochure 2020-21. The NPET will be conducted centrally by Controller of Examination (COE) at NCU Campus. Room No. for NPET will be informed through University website / e-mail. After the NPET written test, interview will be conducted (by respective Departments/Schools) on the same day at NCU 1:00 PM onwards. Rooms for interviews will be announced at the appropriate time.

Selection of the Research Fellows shall be done from amongst scholars who have qualified for admission, by the Fellowships Selection Committee.
In case of candidates from partnering institutions/industries, applications may be considered by the VC/BDR throughout the year, subject to the scrutiny for eligibility upon request by partnering institute.


Full Time/ Part TimeMinimum duration of the programmeMaximum duration of the


M. Tech/M. Phil./M.Sc. EntryFT3 Years6 Years
PT4 Years6 Years


  • Minimum and Maximum duration includes Course work
  • Relaxation of upto 2 years maximum duration can be provided for women under special circumstances and differently abled candidates.

PhD Scholars registered with APS

S.NoNameRoll No.FT/PTSRC MembersBroad Research Area
1.Indu Bala13ASD002FTChairman: Prof Kalika Srivastava

Sup: Dr Anshu Malhotra

Sup: Dr Anupam Yadav (NIT Uttarakhand)

Sub. Expert: Dr Seema Thakran


2.Shridhar13ASD003FTChairman: Dr. Tejpal Singh Chundawat

Sup:Dr Sanjay Yadav

Sup: Dr. Jyotsna Singh (IILM, Noida)

Sup: Prof A K Yadav (Amity Univ.)

Sub Expert: Prof. Prabha Sharma

Member: Dr. Ambika

3.Anju Arya13ASD004PTChairman: Dr. Hukum Singh

Sup: Dr Tejpal Singh

Sub Expert: Prof. D.K. Sharma (IITD), Dr. Sunita Sharma

Member:  Dr. Ambika

Green Chemistry
4.Rajesh Kumar13ASD005FTChairman: Prof. Swaran Ahuja

Sup: Dr. Seema Thakran

Sup: Dr. Kapil Kalkal (GJU)

Sub Expert: Dr. Rajni  Rohila

Member: Dr. Ambika

5.Meenakshi13ASD006PTChairman: Dr. Tejpal Singh Chundawat

Sup: Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Sup: Dr. Puneet Rana (JIIT, Noida)

Sub Expert: Dr Anshu Malhotra

Member: Dr. Ambika

6.Savita Anjana15ASD003FTChairman: Dr. Tejpal singh

Sup: Dr. Hukum Singh

Sup:Dr. Phool Singh (Central Univ. HR)

Sup: Prof. A.K. Yadav

Sub. Expert: Dr. Shaveta Arora

Member: Dr. Ambika

7.Deepika gaur16ASD002FTChairman: Dr. Hukum Singh

Sup.: Dr. Sunita Sharma

Sub. Expert: Dr. Arjun Singh

HOD: Dr Ambika

Member : Dr. Tejpal

Nanomaterials and solar cells
8.Shivani Yadav16ASD004FTChairman: Dr. Sunita Sharma

Sup: Dr. Hukum Singh

Sub Expert: Dr Shweta Arora and Dr Tejpal Singh

Member: Dr Ambika

Image Processing
9.Nidhi Verma17ASD001FT (F)Chairman: Dr Hukum Singh

Sup:Dr Tejpal Singh

Sup: Dr Dipti Vaya (Amity Univ. GGN)

Sub Expert:  Dr. Sunita

Member: Dr Ambika Ambika

10.Khushbu Gupta17ASD002FTChairman: Dr Hukum Singh

Sup: Dr Tejpal Singh

Sub expert: Dr Dipti Vaya (Amity Univ. GGN), Dr. Sunita

Member: Dr Ambika

11.Akhil Mahajan17ASD003FTChairman: Dr Hukum Singh

Sup: Dr Tejpal Singh

Sub Expert: Dr Dipti Vaya (Amity Univ. GGN)

Member: Dr. Sunita, Dr.Ambika

12.Renu17ASD004PTChairman: Dr Sunita Sharma

Sup.: Dr Tejpal Singh

Sup.: Dr. Dipti Vaya (Amity Univ. GGN)

Sub Expert: Dr Hukum Singh

Member: Dr Ambika Ambika

13.Sonu Kumari18ASD001PTChairman: Dr. Tejpal Singh

Sup: Dr Seema

Sup: Dr Rajni Rohila

Sub Expert: Dr.

Anshu Malhotra

Member: Dr. Ambika

Applied and Pure Mathematics
14.Sarita Yadav18ASD002FTChairman: DrHukum Singh

Sup: Dr AmbikaDevi

Sub Expert: Dr. Tejpal Singh

Member: Dr Anshu Malhotra, Dr. Sanjay Yadav

15.Reena18ASD003PTChairman: Dr. Anshu malhotra

Sup: Dr Ambika

Sub Expert: DrHukum Singh

Member: Dr

Seema Thakran,

Dr Tejpal Singh

Condensed matter physics (glasses)
16.Yachana Gupta18ASD004FTChairman: Dr Bharti Arora

Sup: Dr AdityaSharma

Sub Expert: Dr

Hukum Singh,

Member: Dr Ambika, Dr. Arjun Singh

Organic Chemistry
17.Kapil Shankar Gaur19ASD001FTChairman:: Dr Anshu

Sup Dr Seema Thakran

Sub Expert: Prof. B.D Sharma (Retd. DU)

Member: Dr Ambika Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Yadav

18.Kalpana19ASD002FTChairman: Dr Bharti Arora

Sup.: Dr Aditya Sharma

Sub Expert: Dr. Alka,

Member: Dr Ambika Devi, Dr. Arjun Singh

19.Parul Kaushik19ASD003FTChairman: Dr Hukum Singh

Sup.: Dr Ambika

Sub Expert: Dr Sunita Sharma

Member: Dr. Seema, Dr Sanjay Yadav

21.Dheeraj Tiger19ASD004FTChairman: Dr. Hukum Singh

Sup: Dr. Sanjay yadav

Sub Expert: Dr. phool singh (Central Univ. HR )Member:  Dr. Anshu Malhotra,  Dr. Ambika Shrama

Graph Theory and Discrete Maths
22.Vijay Sharma19ASD005PTChairman: Dr. Seema Thakran

Sup: Dr. Anshu Malhotra

Sub Expert: Prof. Deepa Sinha (South Asian Univ., ND)

Member: , Dr. Rajni, Dr. Tejpal

Graph Theory and Discrete Maths
23.Gourav19ASD006FTChairman: Dr. Tejpal

Sup: Dr.SeemaThakran

Sub Expert: Prof. B.D Sharma

Member: Dr Ambika Sharma, Dr Anshu

Coding Theory
24.Nidhi Agrawal19ASD007PTChairman:Dr Aditya Sharma

Supervisor: Dr Bharti Arora

Sub Expert: Dr. Alka

Member : Dr Arjun, Dr Ambika Devi

Organic Chemistry
25.Arvinder Kaur20ASD002FTChairman: Dr. Ambika Devi

Sup: Dr. Neha Gupta

Sup: Dr. Rajni Rohila

Sub expert: Dr. Seema Thakran

Member: Dr. Tarul Garg

Differential Equations
26.Arabind Kumar20ASD003PTChairman: Dr. Ambika Devi

Sup: Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Sup: Dr. Pankaj rakheja

Sub Expert: Dr. Phool Singh ( Associate prof. central University Haryana )

Member: Dr. Tarul Garg

Differential Equations
27.Sameer Kumar20ASD004FTChairman: Dr. Ambika Devi

Sup : Dr. Alka

Sup : Dr. Tarul Garg

Sub. expert: Prof. Prabha sharma

Member: Dr. Rajni Rohila

Optization Techniques
28.Bal Ram20ASD005FTChairman: Dr. Ambika Devi

Sup: Dr. Rajni Rohila

Sup: Dr. Neha Gupta

Sub expert: Dr. Seema

Member: Dr. Tarul

Numerical Analysis
29.Nita Samantaray20ASD006PTChairman: Dr Ambika Devi

Sup.: Dr Arjun  Singh

Sub. Expert: Dr Hukum Singh

Member: Dr Sunita Sharma, Dr Alka

Thin Film Solar Cells
30.Praveen Kumar20ASD007PTChairman: Dr Hukum Singh

Sup: Dr Tejpal Singh Chundawat

Sub Expert: Dr Deepti Vaya

Member: Dr Sanjay Yadav and Dr Ambika

Nano Chemistry
31.Anushaka Sharma20ASD008FTChairman: Dr. Tejpal Singh Chundawat

Sup: Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Sup: Dr. Pankaj Rakheja

Sub Expert: Prof. A.K.Yadav

Member:  Dr. Ambika

Operations Research Applied Mathematics
32.Manoj Dhariwal20ASD009FTChairman: Dr Bharti Arora

Sup: Dr Aditya Sharma

Sub expert: Dr Arjun Singh

Member: Dr Alka and Dr Ambika Devi (Head and member)

Organic Chemistry

Programme Fee

Annual fee is Rs. 80,000/- Semester-wise fee to be paid in two equal semester wise installments of Rs. 40,000/- each at the beginning of each semester

Contact Details:    Dr. Sanjay Yadav 9818767542

Dr. Ambika Devi: 9560916060

Admission Brochure 2020

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