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Selecting the Ideal Private PGDM College in India & Top Institutions in Delhi NCR

18th Apr, 2024

Students completing their final year Board Exams are on the lookout for Premier Management Institutions offering Post Graduate Diplomas in locations that offer them opportunities to fulfil their dreams.  Lately, Delhi / NCR  has become an educational hub for students. It provides excellent opportunities to students desirous of pursuing higher education in Management Students with numerous specialisations. Therefore, many students and middle management leaders come to Delhi/ NCR  falling prey to tall claims made by several management institutions. So it is to help those students to make a correct assessment, understand, and look for special attributes before making the final decision to take admissions.

With a large migratory population, Delhi NCR has a vibrant mix of culture, commerce, and industrialisation, which serves as an ideal backdrop for Management education. In this blog, we have highlighted the attributes that aim to provide insights and guidance to those seeking to commence their postgraduate journey in the field of Management in Delhi/NCR.  


Aligning the industry expectations, and curriculum design is one of the major goals of NEP2020. The industry is more inclined towards the problem-solution-execute triangle, which may not be compatible with Academia. But a middle path is worked out through collaboration, skill development and employability by identifying the skill gaps through Industry-Academia collaborations.  The School of Business at NCU is one the best Private PGDM Schools in Delhi/ NCR. Students specialise in any two areas out of Finance, HR, Marketing, and Operations, based on interests.  

The curriculum being followed has been curated by the industry. Before finalising the curriculum, they involve industry experts in the development of the curriculum. Things like learning outcomes, mapping the content, and standards to be achieved are matched with the industry demand. Need analysis and curriculum audit are carried out. At the end of it, NCU evaluates the impact of involving industry experts in curriculum development. They use quantitative and qualitative measures to assess the outcomes and outputs of the collaboration, such as learners’ performance, satisfaction, retention, employability, industry recognition, curriculum quality, innovation, or relevance.  

Feedbacks are collected from the industry experts and the learners on their experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improvement. Such deliberate evolution of the Curriculum which has the approval of the University Academic Council stands in good stead for the careers of the Management Students. 

Infrastructure and Facilities

NCU has beautiful infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped libraries, smart classrooms, and Tutorial rooms which are essential for a comprehensive learning experience. NCU, Gurugram which invests in its physical and technological resources demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence. A huge auditorium for conducting National and International Webinars, Convocation ceremonies, and Merit and Fee Concessions events. Facilities exist for playing games at night, with adequate security arrangements and the University Campus was regarded as the second cleanest campus in the Country in 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of India.

Collaboration with Foreign Universities 

Exposure to a global perspective is crucial in today’s interconnected world. NCU’s collaboration with a large number of foreign universities places them at the top of the list for prospective students, who are looking for a university that offers study abroad programmes, international exchanges, and a diverse strong student body, fostering a global learning environment. The long-term collaboration between The NorthCap University and Arizona State University is focused on innovation and expanding access to quality higher education in India. Unlike conventional academic partnerships which are restricted to a school, department, or programme, this is a university-wide strategic collaboration between both institutions.


The Business School of NCU has a huge pool of Intellectual capital. These high-tech resources are by highly qualified faculty members with considerable industry and academic experience. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring their vast years of experience into the classroom to impart state-of-the-art and practical management education to our students.


Each to his own; that is how students should make personal decisions. Similarly, when choosing a PGDM institution, which is highly personalised and transformative, one needs to take into consideration various factors such as academic rigour, industry exposure, quality of faculty members, intellectual capital, and opportunities abroad before reaching a conclusion. NCU fulfils most of these attributes, positioning itself as one of the best PGDM private colleges in Delhi NCR, promising an enriching educational journey characterised by growth, learning, and endless possibilities.

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