A Comprehensive Guide for College Applicants

Scholarships and Financial Aid- A Comprehensive Guide for College Applicants

28th Jan, 2024

We all know that the cost of education is rising every year, especially in colleges. Studying at the best private university in Haryana or any other university in India can be costly. Most students need financial help for college. They can use scholarships and aid. But with so many choices, it might be tough for new students.

Financial help like scholarships and grants are big in paying for college. Read along to know the entire process, from understanding how financial aids work to the specific tactics for creating scholarship applications. The best fit your goals and career plans.

What are the types of Financial Aid?

To attend the best university in Gurugram or in any other city in India, you can take the help of the mentioned financial aid- 

  1. Scholarships

Scholarships mean free money for school. It is not a loan. Sometimes it’s for grades, talents, or certain things about you. In India, scholarships can be lots of things, all for different student needs. 

  1. Grants 

Grants are also free money for school. There is no interest and repayment. Some are for needs, others for talents or grades.


These help students who don’t have enough money for school. It’s making the cost of learning and what families can pay to meet halfway.


These are for students who do great things. Not just good grades. It could be art or being a great leader. These grants reward that.

  1. Loans

Loans must be paid back; yet can be helpful if you need money.

Government Loans

National banks have loans supported by the government. They have low interest. It helps pay for the education of poor students.

– Private Loans

Private banks give loans, too. Interest varies. They can be specific to a course or a school.

Types of Scholarships a College Applicant can look for 

A college applicant from the best private university in Haryana or any other city in India can get these scholarships- 

  1. Academic Scholarships

These go to students who do well in school. Things like grades, test scores, and other achievements are counted.

  1. Athletic Scholarships

Students who are good at sports can get these. They are only for those who did really well in sports at the state or national level.

  1. Demographic Scholarships

These are for certain groups of people. The groups can be women, minorities, and people with disabilities. This makes education more inclusive.

  1. Community Service Scholarships

These scholarships recognize the importance of contributing to society. You can get these scholarships by participating in community service. 

  1.  Local Scholarships

Provided by local organizations, businesses, or individuals, local scholarships support students within specific regions, fostering community support and investment in education.

Where to Find the Best Scholarships in India? 

A student looking to study in the best university in Gurugram or in any other city in India can find the best scholarships here- 

  1. Government Scholarship Portals

The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) is one place. Students can find and get different government scholarships here.

  1. Private Organizations and Foundations

Well-established foundations offer the best scholarships. Tata Trusts and Aditya Birla Foundation offer scholarships as part of their commitment to supporting education.

  1. Educational Entity

Colleges and universities often have their own scholarship programs. The students need to inquire about these scholarships during the application process.

  1. Online Scholarship Platforms

Websites such as Buddy4Study and Scholarship India provide comprehensive databases of scholarships, simplifying the search process for students.

  1. Corporate Scholarships

Many companies in India offer scholarships. This is due to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, contributing to educational development.

How to Apply for scholarships?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for a scholarship for your college fees in India- 

  1. Identify and research 

Start with pinpointing scholarships that match your school’s success, special skills, and personal history. Think about who can apply and what you need to apply.

  1. Review eligibility criteria

Before spending time on the application, make sure you fit the can-apply rules for each scholarship.

  1. Gather Needed documents

Collect important papers like school records, letters of support, and about-me notes early on to make the application journey smooth.

  1. Fill Out Online Forms

Mostly, scholarships ask for online applications. Follow directions closely, give right details, and 

send all needed papers before the time’s up.


Summing up, finding scholarships and financial aid in India needs careful planning. You need to know about different financial bits of help, search for various scholarships, and prepare well for applying. This will boost potential college goers’ chances to get the support they need for education. Everyone should have access to education, and scholarships help make this possible for Indian students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the common eligibility criteria for scholarships in India?

Students need a minimum 50% score. Those struggling with studying for the last 3 years because of money issues will be favored. The student’s family should make less than INR 2.5 lakh per annum.

  1. How to get scholarships for college in India?
  • GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship. 
  • Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY).
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship.
  • Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students.
  • National Talent Search Examination (NTSE).
  • Kind Scholarship for Meritorious Students.
  1. What is the easiest scholarship to get in India?

The National Scholarships Portal fills many roles. It’s the place for student applications, receipt of applications, processing, approval, and dispersion of various scholarships for students.

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