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Bachelors in Journalism and Media Production offers a balanced curriculum that will introduce students to the basic ethics of journalism and also changing trends in journalism. Apart from traditional courses on print and television, the course has newer avenues in journalism and content creation on digital platforms. Dynamic subjects in the new curriculum for Journalism help to groom students holistically.

Learning Outcome:

  • News beyond words: Enhance research skills to develop compelling content across print, web, and multimedia platforms.
  • Beyond Journalism: Immerse yourself in the world of Advertising, PR, and Corporate Communications, mastering industry-relevant skills.
  • Culture as canvas: Weave the tapestry of society and culture into your projects, giving voice to diverse perspectives.
  • Multi-format mastery: Hone your writing skills across online, print, and broadcast formats, becoming a versatile communication professional.
  • Authentic storytelling: Navigate challenging situations with journalistic integrity, reporting news stories that matter.
  • Ready for the spotlight: Train to thrive as an anchor, confidently engaging audiences on any news channel or platform.
  • Digital Savvy: Dive deep into the exciting world of digital media production, mastering video editing, audio production, and social media storytelling. Become a multimedia journalist equipped to work in the new-age journalism.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with experienced media professionals through guest lectures, internships, and industry expert’s mentorships. Build a robust network that will support your career growth and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Career Options:

  • News Correspondents for various platforms
  • Content Writer
  • News Producer
  • Production Intern
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Project Researcher
  • Video Journalist
  • Floor Manager
  • Digital Journalist
  • Photojournalist
  • News Anchor

Prospective Companies for B.A. Journalism & Media Production

  • Republic TV
  • Oysterz Entertainment
  • Artifex Media
  • Byjus
  • The Bottomline Digital
  • A & I Spectacular
  • LIVE city media
  • Potens IT services and consultancy
  • Vidarbh ki Baat (Newspaper)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Graduates will gain in-depth knowledge of Journalism industry
  • Graduates can work effectively in aligned journalism streams
  • Graduates can produce news based programmes using comprehensive technical skills
  • Graduates will be able to multitask for collaborative projects.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • Work effectively as a news producer for media platforms like print, radio, and digital platforms.
  • Conceptualize and produce research based content for traditional and digital media platforms
  • Work on news issues ranging from local, national to international gaining a sense of society
  • Work closely with aligned journalism fields like Corporate communication, PR, content creation, digital marketing
  • Work effectively as a professional in Media Industry


Programme Specific Outcomes

  • Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal communication, enabling them to convey information accurately and effectively in various media formats
  • Graduates will possess hands-on skills in media production, including video editing, audio production, graphic design, and other multimedia tools, enabling them to create compelling and engaging content across different platforms.
  • Graduates will be adept at conducting thorough research and gathering relevant information, utilizing a variety of sources to support journalistic endeavors.
  • Graduates will understand and adhere to ethical standards and legal guidelines governing journalism and mass communication.
  • Graduates will demonstrate cultural sensitivity and the ability to communicate across diverse audiences. They will be capable of understanding and addressing global issues, reflecting a broad perspective in their journalistic work
  • Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in a media environment, understanding the importance of teamwork in various media production processes
  • Graduates will possess strong critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling them to evaluate information critically, identify biases, and present well-reasoned arguments in their journalistic work.
  • Graduates will be equipped with skills in media management, enabling them to organize and lead media projects effectively.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

B.A. Journalism and Media Production

10+2 (English Medium) examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education or equivalent examination from a recognised board with an overall aggregate 50%.


Programme Seats
B.A. Journalism and Media Production 30

Financial Assistance

Programme Fee

For Year 2024-25

Total Annual Fee:   Rs. 1,35,000/-
  • Caution Money: A sum of Rs 10,000/- to be charged from each student seeking admission to the University in the Academic Year 2024-25. The amount is interest free and will be refunded to the students at the time of withdrawal or at end of their programmes, whichever is earlier, after deduction of dues, if any.
  • Alumni Association Fee: A onetime Alumni Association fee of Rs. 1,000/- for all programmes is payable by all students.
  • Industry Employability Aptitude Test Fees: Industry Employability Aptitude Test fees of Rs. 1,500/- is payable.
  • Youth Red Cross Fund : Rs. 80/- is payable by all students

Hostel Fee (where applicable) Rs. 75,000/- per semester

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Going beyond Journalism, there is a need for a media course which also concentrates on Digital content. With changes in news formats in print, television and digital, there is a need for a course which gives a comprehensive knowledge of producing content for all platforms. With Media convergence, the same skill set is needed for different platforms therefore a course emphasizing on multi-tasking is the need of hour. Apart from journalism basics and techniques, there is a need for a course which also concentrates on ethics in journalism. This course will teach students both – journalistic components and technical skill component required for New Age Journalists.

Yes, both study material and reference material is provided to students.

Yes, our placement officers help students in their internships and placements.

You can get opportunities in print, broadcast media, and digital platforms like news websites and YouTube channels. Students can also opt for alternate media, which is coming in a big way. There are opportunities in various private companies, including IT companies and government departments, as corporate communication officials. There are various fields of PR work, primarily for politicians, celebrities, and big finance corporations, among others.

Seminars and workshops are conducted almost every week by Industry Experts on different topics considering their areas of expertise.

Content is the key in Journalism & Mass Communication | Media Production. One needs to understand the art of creating quality content in words, photos, or audiovisuals. The knowledge of basic camera operations and editing skills is necessary for generating content. Design tools and specific applications create content for different media platforms like television and digital media to reach target audiences with the desired effect. Media production considers all these aspects, from visualization to making the final product.

Journalism gives a stable career. With the traditional mediums like Print, Television and Radio still holding their grip in the market, the digital platform and news on social platforms have opened newer avenues in journalism. There are ample opportunities and permanent jobs available in journalism, public relations, corporate communication, and the research field, which needs its basics in journalism, mass communication, and media production. When you talk about a field like Media & Entertainment, where there are opportunities galore, it would be almost foolish to say that there are no jobs or job security. Whether you prefer getting employed as a full-time employee with a media organization or find the project-to-project working style more suitable to your personality, there is something for everyone here. Journalism, especially, has so many subsets and dimensions that you can be anything you want to be, as long as you have the prerequisite skills and education in place!

Other than the jobs in traditional mediums like Print, Television and Radio, the digital platform and news on social platforms are the newer job opportunities. There are also opportunities in various private companies, including IT companies and government departments, as corporate communication officials. There are various fields for PR work, especially for politicians, celebrities, and finance, among others.+B71:B73
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