Tinkering Lab

Tinkering Lab

Tinkering Lab is considered as a playground for students in terms of Innovations. Students of any discipline with a bend for innovation can come together under one roof to give shape to their new ideas. They can develop prototypes by design and hands-on experiments which is beyond regular curriculum and text book learning. Tinkering lab is based on the values of creativity, critical thinking, innovation and hands-on experience.

The lab contains educational and learning ‘do it yourself’ kits and equipment on –science, electronics and robotics, latest microcontroller boards, IoT sensors and computers.

The dedicated technical staff and faculty members provide hands on different emerging areas such as Internet of Things, Big data, cloud computing, Robotics etc. Multiple disciplines work hand-in hand on latest technologies, for example: The base of Internet of things (IoT) is Electronics and communication engineering, but it can’t be applied without the implementation of Big data and Cloud computing which are considered as part of Computer science and engineering. Similarly, Robotics is the domain, where concepts of Electronics and Mechanical engineering are applied. Working in an environment of Tinkering lab on latest technologies enhances peer to peer interaction with students of multiple streams and thus promotes inter-department projects.

Students of different engineering streams are working in tinkering lab on different projects; to name a few projects such as Smart-o: smart office automation using IoT, Drone delivery system, Smart classroom with automatic room lock and light On- off system, Gesture controlled Car, Automatic smart parking system, and many more. Approximately hundreds of projects are worked upon in the tinkering lab. Students of all years are welcomed to work on basic to advanced level of projects and it is open during the University hours.

Moreover, Tinkering lab is also used for fostering entrepreneurship and utilized by the students as incubators and accelerators for business start-ups.

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