Make Yourself Ready for Big Firms

Make Yourself Ready for Big Firms

We all have a dream to be a part of big firms like GOOGLE, MICROSOFT etc. Students find challenges to enter such firms. To clarify all the doubts and to help them know how to prepare ourselves for firms like MICROSOFT, the ALUMNI SUBCOMMITTEE of NCU invited Mr. Harman Ahluwalia, Alumnus of NCU whose grabbed his first job at MICROSOFT, US on 9th May 2020.. He is working as a Senior Software Engineer at MICROSOFT, US.He shared the ways he adopted to get there. 400 registrations were received, and 350 students turned up.

Faculty Coordinators: Dr.Jyotika Pruthi, Ms.Garima and Dr.Mehak

Student Coordinators: Mr.Soumye and Mr.Aarin

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