Choosing the Right AI and Data Science Engineering College in Delhi NCR

Choosing the Right AI and Data Science Engineering College in Delhi NCR

1st Apr, 2024

In today’s market scenario, data scientists play a pivotal role in the relative growth and development of AI and technology. They are instrumental in developing diverse algorithms that AI can use to create predictive models to generate insights from those collected data full stop. Various industries also use it to make business decisions and understand the variable data.

If you are eager to stay at the forefront of this dynamic field and are considering pursuing a degree in AI and data science engineering colleges in Delhi NCR to get the right knowledge? Then, let’s understand what are the features that NorthCap University provides their students with.

6 Key Criteria for Evaluating Data Science Engineering Programs at NorthCap University (NCU)

The main components that one must look for in NorthCap University as the best AI and data science engineering college in Delhi NCR are:

1. Resource provided for teaching and learning environment CSE is a technical degree that needs advanced and updated learning resources. To understand the overall aspect of the best colleges for artificial intelligence and data science in Haryana, you must consider the learning environment, curriculum, and faculty.

At NCU, students are given real-time projects that are supervised by faculty and industry experts. With experienced and qualified faculty, students stay connected to modern technologies, bringing out their best.

The Learning Development Center (LDC) at NorthCap University serves as a platform for both new and experienced faculty members. Its purpose is to enhance their instruction skills, improving the overall teaching and learning experience for students.

2. Modern Equipment for Research and Professional Practice

When we are talking about B. Tech in computer science at NCU, we cannot forget the research-based study curriculum that is provided to their students. Some of the modern equipment for research purposes are:

●       Data Science Center of Excellence with iMac Lab

●       Cisco Networking Lab (Joint venture between CISCO and NCU),

●       Cloud Computing Lab

●       High-Performance Computer Lab,

●       Tinkering Lab and more.

An impressive and updated research facility at NCU helps the students to benefit and think innovatively.

3. Placement and Career Opportunity

Most of the students indeed have a niche to study in computer science, and they go for this degree, but it is also important for them to get good placement offers after the completion of their courses. Suppose you go for NCU, one of the best colleges for artificial intelligence and data science in Haryana. In that case, you will be provided with impressive career opportunities and job support for their students.

The Career Options for students choosing B.Tech Engineering in Data Science are:

●       Data Scientist

●       Data Analyst

●       Business Analyst

●       Data Engineer

Companies seeking for B.Tech (CSE) (Data Science) students from NCU comprise:

●       Google

●       Facebook

●       Intel

●       The Boston Consulting Group

●       Reliance Industries Ltd

●       Capgemini

●       Philips


●       SnapHunt

●       KPMG

●       Infosys

●       Mindtree Limited

●       Dell

●       Asian Paints

●       Gartner India Research Advisory Services

●       ZS Associates.

4. Scholarship and other Grants

Apart from providing researched and practical knowledge, NorthCap University also takes the initiative to provide scholarships to their students.

Scholarship Percentage on Tuition Fee for B. Tech (CSE) Programmes: 

●       35% for CBSE students scoring 95% and above

●       15% for CBSE students, with scores ranging from 90% to 94.99%

Eligibility Criteria (For CBSE)

●       Applicants with a percentage score of 95% and above qualify for a 35% scholarship.

●       Students scoring between 90% and 94.99% in CBSE are eligible for a 15% scholarship.

●       For non-CBSE boards, normalized scores will be considered in relation to CBSE scores.

5. Global outreach and connection

NorthCap University is leading the list of top private universities in Haryana according to NIRF. The most recognizable international collaboration of NorthCap University (NCU) with Arizona State University (ASU) shows its dedication to providing quality education and knowledge. This partnership between NCU and ASU is dedicated to fostering comprehensive improvements and innovations in the curriculum and providing future-ready programs to their students.

NorthCap University has also collaborations with international universities like:

●       Michigan Technological University, USA,

●       University of Regina, Canada,

●       University of Dayton, Ohio, USA,

●       Providence University,

●       Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Tokyo, and more.

6. Check out the feedback

One of the most important factors while choosing a B. Tech graduation in computer science engineering is to look out for feedback from the ex-students and alumni of that college.

On the online website NCU, interested candidates can see the reviews posted by the students about their journey and placement opportunities that they received from top MNC companies.

The university proudly celebrates its extensive alumni network, comprising an impressive community of over 11,000+ accomplished individuals. So, students can easily gain insight into the substantial contributions and offerings of the university without encountering any fake appraisal.


Data Science has emerged as a highly promising career choice which is driven by the emerging era of big data. Many colleges provide BTech in computer science and engineering with a specialization in artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, NCU has a different approach as they strive to develop their students as professionals equipped with the necessary skills required in the realm of big data.


1. Why should a student choose B. tech engineering in computer science?

Suppose you think that you are interested in building an intelligence system along with being creative and pushing the boundaries of technology. In that case, AI might be a better fit for you. If you enjoy analyzing and integrating data to create business decisions and solve real-world problems, then it is the best choice for you.

2. How many years, particularly, is the course of B. Tech in computer science?

It is a four-year engineering undergraduate degree program that will help you to develop and infer AI and knowledge speed systems to solve problems like an expert.

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