School of Management organized a guest lecture on ‘From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Sustainability’ by Mr Pravin Mallick, Environment Director for South Asia Markets at Tetra Pak on 17 April 2018. The session began with a discussion on the difference and relationship between CSR and sustainability.

Few common misconceptions about CSR were clarified. He stressed that companies need to rise above the traditional business model and integrate CSR with the business model. Today, CSR and sustainability are complementary to each other and cited examples of organizations like ITC, Philips etc.

Students were shown a video on Tetra Pak’s initiatives contributing to the environment, community and society, keeping in mind the business as well. Students were curious to know how Tetra Pak was able to tie-up with slums, rag-pickers, NGOs etc. The lecture was coordinated by Dr Sushmita B Waraich.