IEI Student Chapter of Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering organized a hands-on workshop on ‘Design of G+4 Building’ for BTech 3rd & 4th Year and MTech 1st Year students on 5 Feb 2019. Students were given a brief introduction to the product ‘Midas Gen’ and provided hands-on training on analysis of simple structures and portal frames. Analysis of a building as per IS 456, loading conditions as per IS 875-Part 3 (Wind Loads), IS 1893- Part 1(Wind Loads) were discussed and modelled in Midas Gen software. Application of loads, namely dead load and live load to the beams and columns, followed by the design of the multi-bay building model was performed. Section details of beams and columns were assessed as per the minimum requirements as per code. The session was a bridge between the classroom and real life problems faced in the analysis of a building. Mr Diptendu Roy, Faculty Advisor, IEI Student Chapter, coordinated the event.