The District Legal Services Authority, Gurugram, Haryana organized a workshop on “Cyber Security” in association with Legal Aid Society, School of Law, The NorthCap University, Gurugram on 22nd  January 2020.The event was inaugurated  by  the Chief Guest Sh. Pardeep Choudhry, Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Gurugram, Haryana in the presence  keynote speaker Advocate Mr. Manish Manocha, Vice – chancellor, Professor H.B. Raghvendra, Associate Professor Dr. Archana Sarma , Head, School of law; Faculty  coordinator  Ms. Pallavi Bajpai, Senior Assistant Professor, Head Legal Aid Society, Assistant Professor Ms. Shiksha Dahiya,  Member legal Aid Society, The NorthCap University, Gurugram.

Sh. Pradeep Choudhry, Chief judicial magistrate proposed thanks to School of Law, The NorthCap University. He also appreciated our efforts of the university and persuaded to keep on organising such workshops. In addition, Sh.Choudhry chiefly talked about cyber-attack and  Adoption of  Model Law,1996 which led to the passing of IT Act and encouraged students for seeking help from DLSA as and when required. Workshop aimed to bring vigilance among the students to remain safe and secure in the virtual world. The workshop was conducted by the renowned IT law expert Mr. Manish Manocha who enlightened the students with his vast knowledge in the field of cyber law. The event was attended by 400 students of School of law. Students were made aware of the various conspiracies and crimes performed by the attackers while the victims take advantage of e-commerce and concluded with various protective measures by highlighting the importance of antiviruses and password hacks that could keep the society safe and prevented from falling prey to these cybercrimes.