School of Management organized a one-day seminar on October 27, 2017 on “Sustainability Education: Sensitizing Students towards Societal Needs.” After context setting for the seminar by Dr. Sushmita Waraich, Pro Chancellor, Prof Prem Vrat and Dean-SOM, Prof. R. Narasimhan highlighted the need for sensitizing students towards societal needs. In the first session – Mr. Hitesh (National Manager, Ricoh India Ltd.) drew attention to the role played by MNC’s in fulfilling societal needs. He also discussed the various frameworks and models used by Ricoh in implementation of CSR initiatives. Ms. Sweta Bhattacharjee (Senior Manager, Volunteer Action, North – CRY) explained the role of NGO’s in helping corporates meet their social obligations. She also discussed the reasons by citing examples of volunteers working for CRY.

In the second session, Ms. Mamta Saikia (COO, Bharati Foundation), discussed the importance of strategy, short term goals, long terms goals and role of organizations like Bharati foundation in achieving sustainability. She also made the students aware about the various initiatives taken by Bharati Foundation towards the same. Mr. Jitendra Routray (Head CSR, ReNew Power) spoke on “Driving Socially Responsible Business at ReNew Power” and explained the ways in which company is fulfilling social responsibility by providing infrastructure to the local communities which are still devoid of basic amenities like electricity. The seminar was coordinated by Dr. Sushmita Waraich along with Dr Saumya Dixit.