A guest lecture was organised on 14th March 2019 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM by Dr. Esha Jain, School of Management, for BBA Finance students on Mergers & Acquisitions. The speaker was Mr. Amit Kumar, Vice President of Fab Hotels. The session was started with the life story of Mr. Rahul Yadav, founder of Housing.com and how the decision of its merging has been taken with Prop Tiger after the exit of Mr. Rahul. He also told students how a 350 million USD company (Housing.com) sold to PropTiger.com (a venture of 200 million USD) in only 70 million USD. He also discussed about the deal process, due diligence process of mergers and acquisitions along with post-merger integrations, by giving example of mergers between PropTiger.com & Housing.com, Essar & Vodafone, and WhatsApp & Facebook.
The session was very interactive, full of knowledge and was well received by the students.
After the session, School of Management had a short meeting with the speaker regarding internships and placements which can be fruitful in future.