Learning Development Center (LDC) at the NorthCap University provides a learning platform for new and in-service faculty to develop them as better instructors for improving the teaching-learning experience of the students. The primary focus of LDC is supporting enhanced student learning through the pedagogical development of faculty (for planning and teaching courses). LDC enables faculty to integrate innovative practices in their lectures to encourage innovation, create and sustain conditions that meet the current needs of the students. LDC strives to provide a conducive atmosphere to develop learning material designed to engage students more effectively and efficiently. LDC will help the faculty to be better instructors by adapting the best practices of the 21st century. LDC supports faculty member’s needs, and focus areas include curriculum, research, career, leadership, and learning technologies. Faculty will get acquainted with various ICT tools and technologies for content creation and delivery to students. Faculty acts as creator and facilitator of learning resources to provide students with a better learning experience during their course at the university. The Learning Development Center provides a platform to train the faculty for developing an interactive university Learning Management System (LMS), MOOCs, and deliver webinars. It organizes workshops and webinars to engage faculty and help them grow in their professional field. A repository of instructional materials to support the faculty and address their specific training needs is also being maintained at LDC. LDC regularly conducts FDPs to enhance faculty skills.                        

Sr.NoName Role
1Dr. Rohit Singh Lather(ME)Chairperson-LDC
2Mr. Deepak SatyarthiNetwork Administrator
3Mr. Dinesh KumarSr. Technical Assistant
4Mr. Sumit BhatLab Engineer
5Ms. Amanpreet KaurDept. Coordinator-EECE
6Ms. Kanika GuptaDept. Coordinator-CSE
7Mr. Anmol BhatiaDept. Coordinator-ME
8Ms. Garima LakhmaniDept. Coordinator-Law
9Dr. Divyabha VashisthDept. Coordinator-CLL
10Dr. AdityaDept. Coordinator-Chemistry
11Dr. Hukum SinghDept. Coordinator-Physics
12Dr. AnshuDept. Coordinator-Maths
13Mr. Lokesh ChoudharyDept. Coordinator-CEE
14Dr. Shaveta SachdevaDept. Coordinator-SOM

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