Change is continuous in life and Civil industry is continuously upgrading itself towards smart facilities. Everything is expected to be easy and convenient, available at the fingertips. Smart Homes, Smart Transportation Systems, Smart Waste Management, Smart Cities will help people to have such life.

Hence, keeping in line and up to date to the current demands of the industry, the curriculum and syllabi is updated frequently. Further, two specializations namely, Smart Infrastructure Development and Construction & Project Management have been introduced in the curriculum without diluting the essence of core Civil Engineering. These specializations will prepare students to understand and implement principles of Smart Infrastructure development and their management.

B.Tech. Scheme and Syllabi


Realizing the requirement of specialized skilled resources and advancement in career, it has become a necessity to gain experience and expertise in one of the avenues of Civil Engineering. To fulfill this requirement, the department offers cutting edge M.Tech. programme in three specializations namely, Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering & Management and Environmental Engineering. All the courses offered as a part of the M.Tech. programme are designed with professional outlook towards the development of Engineering and Managerial skills of the graduates.

M.Tech. Scheme and Syllabi