Change is continuous in life and every individual is striving to have his or her dream house and day-to-day facilities to be easily available to them. Civil industry is continuously upgrading itself towards smart facilities. Everything is expected to be available at the fingertips. Smart home, Smart Surroundings will contribute to Smart City which will help people to live a convenient life.

This specialization will prepare students to understand and implement principles of Smart Infrastructure development and management. Smart infrastructure development introduces some key components of smart city infrastructure such as smart buildings, smart mobility, smart energy, smart water and waste management systems and highlights the need for an integrated approach in dealing with such infrastructure.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will have:

  • Overall understanding of Smart Infrastructure Development in current scenario
  • Planning and Designing of smart city elements
  • Establish collaboration with other disciplines whenever required to deliver efficient and accurate projects

Career Option:

  • Consultancy firm
  • On Site work
  • Entrepreneur
  • Govt. service
  • Higher Studies