Our senses towards the underprivileged are curious, our heart reaches out to those in need and we aspire to make sure that our existence becomes a reason for someone’s smile today. We got your back when your days are bad, we, are Enactus. We strive for lighting up the darkest corners of our society, because we believe that nothing is impossible.

A student chapter of the Enactus Society. It is an international non-profit organization that connect students, academics and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their community. At Enactus, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon, we aim to partake projects that can help communities around us in the best ways possible and try to pave the road for their progress.

Our society is full of capable people, some intelligently use the right colours and brushes to paint their canvas, while there are millions of others who have the colours, but are unable to find their canvas. Providing them with this canvas is what defines our nature of work.

Team submitted project ‘’EHSSAS’’ in KPMG Business Ethics Grant on 20th September 15. The project was based on segregation of dry and wet waste at source level. Dry waste is thereafter sent to recycling unit. For this, students visited weekends in different communities in Gurugram such as sector 56 and DLF Phase-4. Wet waste converted into manure either by simple composting method or Vermi-compositing method.

PROJECT KUMHAAR: This project has helped the depleting essence of pottery in India by giving the Kumhaars a chance to spin their wheel again and make their livelihood out of the lost Indian heritage.

PROJECT INAAYAT: It aims at building pencils out of newspapers. Using waste newspapers as the primary raw material, we present pencils that minimize the felling of trees for the purpose of wood. Not only does it contribute to the protection of environment, but also aims at employing the disabled people, hence providing them with their regular incomes.


Our work has been exceedingly appreciated and we have been given grants to fund our projects and to keep the social work fully able. Grants by KPMG and Bluedart have added feathers to our caps and have motivated us to keep giving in our best efforts to make this society a better place to live in for everyone.

KPMG : Rs. 50,000/- + 20,000/
BLUEDART : Rs. 50,000/-
WALMART : Rs. 20,000/-

NCU Enactus society has been selected for KPMG Business ethics grant of Rs 50,000/- for the year 2019-20. KPMG International is a global sponsor for Enactus and has been supporting the programme in more than 30 member firms.

Our Enactus society has been selected amongst 20 teams that were shortlisted all over the country.

Volunteer Week – An India@75 initiative in collaboration with Enactus

The team of Enactus NCU organised an awareness campaign about newspaper pencils and the use of eco friendly products and also about avoiding the wastage of resources in Janta Model School , Khandsa Village for around 220 students.

Faculty coordinator – Dr Amita Bhagat & Dr. Anshu Malhotra