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  • To emphasize on quality of learning and innovation with industry-aligned curriculum.
  • To encourage multi-disciplinary specialization.
  • To focus on research orientation, undertaking socially relevant research projects.
  • To develop committed and competent industry professionals.
  • To ensure constant development of knowledge, skills and attitude as per industry standards.
  • To continuously improve physical, academic and information infrastructure in pursuit of academic excellence.
  • To instill entrepreneurial spirit among students.

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  • To provide knowledge in management of disciplines with and understanding of its applicability in business environment and social impact.
  • To inculcate the attitude and desire to learn.
  • To strengthen the foundation for further specialization in various business domains.
  • To develop competent professionals committed to excellence.

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  • To promote excellence in economics education through provision of appropriate and innovative curriculum, building up of behavioural & technical competencies and sensitization of students towards global, socio-economic and political issues.
  • To lay foundation for students to undertake successful ventures of pursuing higher studies, undertaking economics research and establishing themselves as competent economists.
  • To provide to the nation and the world the required human capital for its sustainable development.
  • To imbibe in learners the ethics and positive attitudes to utilize their analytical minds and abilities towards making meaningful contributions to the society.

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  • To impart knowledge which is global in perspective and local in relevance.
  • To enhance the professional competencies and soft skills of the students.
  • To develop a capacity to think, innovate and lead through linkages with industry and academia.
  • To make students time and market relevant, globally competent, morally upright and socially responsible citizens.

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  • To communicate the knowledge of psychology to undergraduate students in a
    manner that will familiarise them robustly and dynamically to its broad scope.
  • To advance new insights in the domain of psychology through research and
    scholastic inquiry.
  • To facilitate the application of core areas and principles of psychology in serving
    the needs of society and nation.
  • To provide consulting support and services to the science and profession of

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School Highlights

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration
Duration : 3 years

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)
Duration : 3 years

Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Hons.)
Duration : 3 years

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons.)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Duration : 2 years
Duration : Minimum 3 years (Full Time) and Minimum 4 years (Part Time)

Area of Research:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Statistics and Econometrics
  • Operations Management/Supply chain Management
  • Marketing


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