Structural Analysis Lab

Structural Analysis Lab

Faculty Lab In charge: Lokesh Choudhary

About the lab:

The Structural Engineering Laboratory at NCU serves a wide spectrum of activities covering those related to teaching, research, development, and consultancy. The primary activities include experimental studies on model/prototype of structural elements and assemblies under various static and dynamic loading conditions. With the available test area, state-of-the-art load/displacement-controlled equipment for load application, precision instrumentation, online data acquisition and monitoring, the laboratory represents a unique facility for large- and full-scale investigation of the load-deformation behavior of structures.


  • Column Buckling Apparatus, Curved Members Apparatus
  • Elastic Properties of Deflected Beam App.
  • Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus, Redundant Joint Apparatus
  • Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus, Three Hinged Arch Apparatus
  • Two Hinged Arch Apparatus
  • Portal Frame Apparatus, Portal Frame Model
  • Verification of Clerk Maxwell’s Theorem
  • Begg’s Deformeter Set, Deflection of Truss Apparatus

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