Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Faculty Lab In charge: Lokesh Choudhary

About the lab:

Fluid Mechanics Lab is run in conjunction with the course “Fluid Mechanics”. It is an introductory lab where flow behavior, fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced. The goals of the experiments include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place over a solid object, applications of the control volume approach, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations. Intricate flow phenomena such as separations and transition to turbulence are demonstrated.


  • Pipe Friction Apparatus
  • Pipe Fitting Apparatus
  • Stokes Law Apparatus
  • Reynolds Apparatus
  • Tilting Flume Apparatus
  • Bernoulli’s Apparatus
  • Flow Rate Measuring Device
  • Metacentric Apparatus
  • Notches Apparatus

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