Innovation Hub NCU's Contribution to Cutting-Edge Research

Innovation hub NCU’s contribution to cutting-edge research

30th Jan, 2024

In the competitive world of top placement colleges in Delhi NCR, the north cap university Ncu,  stands out as a hub of innovation and research excellence. NCU research programs schemes and doctoral programs span various disciplines and showcase the institutional commitment to fostering a culture of groundbreaking research and rigorous academic inquiry.

Ph.D. programs a gateway to excellence

At NCU, candidates go through a journey of original research guided by the motivation to contribute significantly to their chosen field. The emphasis on publishing in reputable peer-reviewed journals ensures that NCU scholars actively contribute to the global academic conversation. The supervisors with credentials from National Institutes bring a wealth of research experience to guide new scholars.

As the best placement College in Gurugram, NCU goes beyond conventional boundaries with faculty supervisors certified by industry giants like AWS and IBM, specializing in cloud computing and big data. the collaborative spirit is evident in research initiatives that span across meeting departments and often surpass international benchmarks.

The institution’s commitment to cutting-edge research extends to compliance with UGC requirements, offering free digital access to numerous research generals and supporting candidates in filling and publishing the patents. The result is impressive: 109 scholars awarded PhD degrees, 3 thesis submissions and 176 actively pursuing their doctorate at NCU.

The NCU advantage of cutting-edge infrastructure

The NCU Center of Excellence in Data Science and Cyber-security is established in collaboration with industry partners. It exemplifies the institution’s commitment to staying at the forefront of research advancements. State-of-the-art infrastructure, including labs like IMac, high-performance computing, and AR/VR, Empowers candidates to push the boundaries of their research.

The partnership with industry leaders such as Mitsubishi and Daikin amplifies the impact of research. The NAVIC lab, a joint effort with ISRO, adds space as the dimension of NCU’s research capabilities. Research fellowships offer financial support and incentives, which underscores NCU’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of research scholars.

Bridging the gap- Research Development and Industry Liaison

Recognizing the relationship between industry and academia, NCU has established the Research Development and Industrial Liaison (RDIL)  office. This initiative aims to enhance industrial consultancy, support sponsored research projects and promote interaction between industry and academia.

With a mission to continuously improve research infrastructure, focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, and encourage multidisciplinarity, RDIL is a vital link between NCU and the evolving global knowledge landscape. The office’s functions encompass sponsored research projects, interdisciplinary collaborations, promotion of university-industry interaction, and consultancy projects.

Emphasis on excellence, Central Research Facility

NCU, one of the top placement colleges in Delhi NCR, boasts a main research hub. This hub is filled with high-tech gadgets used for research in different fields like chemistry, physics, and engineering. The aim here is pretty clear: guide researchers, help in publishing top-tier research papers, and provide services to users inside and outside the university.

Through this center, NCU’s research foundation has only become stronger, proving its dedication to research. With the NABL-accredited testing center, the university’s consulting potential is even better. They offer services from analyzing systems to testing and designing materials.

Fostering innovation through scholarships- VCMSSI

The vice chancellor’s merit scholarship scheme for innovation reflects NCU’s forward-thinking approach to innovation and research. established in 2015, this scheme allocates a substantial fund of ₹ 10,000,000 to support, encourage, and nurture research innovative ideas and projects within the university.

With a focus on building an innovation culture, the scheme aims to enhance research and startup initiatives among faculty members, students, and research workers. The North Cap Incubation and Innovation Centre (NIIC), Supported by the VC Innovation Fund, acts as a catalyst for converting ideas into successful startups. This initiative of the best placement College in Gurugram not only shapes meaningful research but also alliances with government mandates to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in universities.

NCU’s dynamic IPR cell

The IPR cell at North Cap University is a beacon for innovation, recognizing its significant role in knowledge dissemination. Committed to nurturing a culture of creativity, the cell empowers researchers to develop intellectual properties with potential commercial value. through advisory services, research training sessions, and outreach programs, it sensitizes the university community to the importance of intellectual property rights.

With a focus on protecting, identifying, and transforming innovations, the cell plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between industry and academia. NCU’s IPR cell is at the forefront, ensuring the research efforts contribute not only to academic excellence but also to societal well-being.


NCU, placed highly among top placement colleges in Delhi NCR, doesn’t just teach. It leads to research and innovation. It’s not just a school but a game-changer. In addition to strong Ph.D. programs, partners with industries and top-notch facilities, NCU’s impact is wide. They influence not just learning but India’s entire education and research future. As the school pioneers, it demonstrates how innovation and study can revolutionize education.

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