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Thriving in BTech Cyber Security Programs in Delhi NCR

2nd Apr, 2024

In today’s world, organizations are moving online, and hence, the demand for cyber security is also increasing day by day. It is a subject that is taught in the BTech CSE or IT courses in India. 

The IT professionals and network engineers are the analysts of cyber security, so they can obtain professional cyber security credentials. There are many professional courses related to these fields available online. However, it is more reliable when the students can pursue stand-alone cyber security degrees from the undergraduate courses and so on at NorthCap University.

What is Cyber Security? 

Cyber security is the study of different ways to protect devices and services against hackers, cybercriminals, and spammers that are going on in today’s world. When certain cyber security elements are meant to strike, most experts are concerned with building the best strategy to differentiate all the assets from the computers and cell phones from these attacks.

Why NorthCap University? 

When a student chooses cyber security. They will be made to understand the important principles of cloud computing. 

  • The students are provided with the theoretical as well as the practical know-how of cloud computing in daily life. 
  • We cover the process of developing applications and their management on the cloud. 
  • The students are taught by experts who offer distinguished knowledge that can help a student achieve their goal of being technical aspirant.
  • It is comparatively budget friendly with different scholarship offers for students who sacrifice their dreams only because of money. 
  • NCU also provides the best placements in high-profile companies. 
  • B.Tech is a 4-year course while B.Sc in cyber security is a 3-year course.


10+2 with a subject combination of : 

  • Maths 
  • Chemistry
  • Physics 

The subjects in this course may vary from university to university, but the core subjects are :

  • Business intelligence data mining.
  • Information security.
  • Risk management.
  • Systems security management.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Network security.
  • System cybersecurity engineering.

What is the scope of a cyber security career in India?

With the increasing demand for cyber security careers in India, the need for individuals who specialize in cyber security has become very important in different fields. Let us understand the scope of a cyber security career in India.

Retail market

When we talk about the most victimized field, retail outlets come first. They are an easy target for any cyber hackers and hence have created consequences for the merchants that go beyond financial damages. Due to this, brand reputations are also harmed. So, there is a very important need for cyber security personnel to avoid any type of security and data breaches.

Banking and financial institutions

As the digitalization of transactions and online payment has become a crucial part of the Indian market, the demand for securing personal information and other transactions has become important as well. Cybersecurity personnel play a very important part in the security of the banking and financial sectors.

Government sector

The security and the integrity of a nation come first, and to maintain it, a government’s duty is to recognize the cybercrime that is going on in their country and ring up solutions that can face this problem and protect the country. 

Many threats and activities can affect the cyber security of any sector, and the government sector is one of them. Hence, due to the large number of data breaches, cyber hacking, and security concerns, there are many new job opportunities for people in this sector. 

As cyber criminals and hackers are upgrading themselves and becoming smarter, every nation’s government must pull up with this nuisance and engage more cyber security specialists. 

For example, various states in India are coming up with physical cyber security hubs that help in solving any type of problems faced by the citizens of India and provide solutions to them.

Top careers in cyber security that students can go for

When it comes to cyber security, there are many available job opportunities that have been circling around the market. Some of them are:

Cyber security analyst

These professionals are responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining security solutions inside an organization. They keep on upgrading the systems to make them more effective. These professionals are in charge of raising awareness about security cybersecurity and providing the necessary training to avoid any security breaches.

Security Architect

Security architects are those professionals who design an organization’s security network and architecture. They plan, design, and implement these critical security features along with the company’s needs and wants. Most forms in the market rely on the security architect to protect the activities in cyberspace.

Ethical hackers

They are a crucial addition to a company’s IT department since they are very competent at understanding a hacker’s mind. The task is to identify any weak points in the security network of the company and regularly test it to guarantee a flawless cybersecurity network.

Cyber security consultant

A cyber security consultant is a person who works on a contract basis with different businesses. This is a very variable career path because cyber security consultants help in quadrating and organizing cyber security networks and discover any types of flowers or defects in them. They work with different clients and get experience working with a variety of businesses that develop their portfolio.

How should one get a job as a cybersecurity person?

Yes, cyber security is indeed driving the business of India, but then again, it is also necessary to gain enough technical skills that are required in this area.

Join updated courses

To become the site to get a cyber security job, one must get admission to a cyber security colleges Delhi NCR region that provide courses in this field. Northcap University is one of the best colleges in Delhi NCR where students get practical and theoretical knowledge about these and enhance their problem-solving mindset. 

Build a portfolio for yourself

Before getting a job, any person needs to get experience in this field from seasoned cybersecurity professionals. Many internship opportunities are given when you attend this course at a B.Tech cyber security college in Delhi NCR like NorthCap University. They would help you to get a competitive advantage over other applicants and enhance your experience in this field. 

Take the certificate and apply for the positions you want

After the completion of your course, you may go for a cybersecurity career. There are many offices which you can see on the online websites and which can help you to stand out as a candidate. 


In long and short, it is quite easy to thrive in a market where the value of in Cyber technology is increasing day by day. If you choose NCU then it becomes easy to acquire knowledge and a professional course with a recognized university with a budget-friendly fee structure, one can create a portfolio and get a bright career in the future.

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