The Unique Offering of the Best Private University in Gurugram

The Unique offering of the Best Private University in Gurugram

27th Mar, 2024

The NorthCap University is the only multidisciplinary University in Gurugram, where diverse academic fields meet to bring out a common platform to strengthen research, innovation, holistic understanding, and critical thinking. Students admittedly along with the Faculty members understand each other’s needs and requirements to meet the changing world order. The result is to produce well-rounded professionals who would go beyond a single discipline and embrace the change gracefully. To meet these objectives there is a composite collaboration between the faculty members of all schools who fully appreciate and understand the motive and rally around each other, to meet the aspirations of the new generations.

At NCU a young engineer is seen exchanging ideas with a budding lawyer and an aspiring Data Scientist, is seen rubbing shoulders with a novice entrepreneur. Here the students not only attain specialised skill sets in their domain but also gain a broader knowledge that helps them tackle complex problems that face the world. Students are encouraged to think beyond the realm of their comfort and thrive in an era, where there is a need for them to cross the traditional boundaries. This is the transformative educational journey that a student undertakes while getting a degree of her/his choice at NCU. Programs here are innovative and interdisciplinary to help widen learners’ thinking and learning capacity and train them to address emerging challenges.

Multidisciplinary And Interdisciplinary

NCU has multidisciplinary programs that are contemporary with flexibility and choices featured in their curriculum design, at par with international standards. These programs and the course content get updated regularly to meet the challenge of grooming professionals with knowledge and skills for the constantly changing requirements of the industry. The uniqueness of NCU is blended learning by using e-learning with regular classroom engagement along with an emphasis on hands-on training. A real-world experience is a crucial component of our approach to education. Interdisciplinary Studies at NCU involve the combination of multiple academic disciplines of engineering and law, Management, and Liberal Studies. It is about creating something across boundaries.

Experienced and Skilled Faculty Members

Multidisciplinary skill sets are necessary to approach problems from various angles and find innovative solutions, promote effective teamwork, adapt quickly to new tools and techniques, and enable innovation and entrepreneurship. Integrating multidisciplinary skills requires an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging professionals to think outside the box, identify new opportunities, and create value. The ability to bridge diverse fields fosters innovation and allows the development of ground-breaking technologies and solutions. A student of engineering discipline, for example, also needs to understand design well. Hence their courses try to take an interdisciplinary approach to learning, bringing in concepts from design, critical thinking, etc, while teaching technology-oriented topics and subjects.  Experienced and knowledgeable Faculty members of NCU have the necessary skill sets to teach these to the students in a manner that they comprehend. 


Collaborations of various disciplines have numerous advantages in the long run. This brings about a sense of oneness and improves discipline as all Schools with different entities think alike and brings about a synergy which in turn fosters academic excellence, helps in research activities, and a culture of open-mindedness in the University.

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