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The Diverse Palette of BA Honours English Colleges in Haryana

17th Apr, 2024

BA English Honours: An Introduction

BA English Honours – or Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English – is an undergraduate degree programme in English language and literature with immense and diverse career opportunities. It is, in essence, the study of the English language and its related subjects and it is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the English language, its history, literature, and cultural significance. The fundamental benefit of completing an English Honours course is that you will learn to recognise and respect the authors and their works. It is a subject that not only teaches you about literature but also encourages you to analyse it, eventually questioning the views and transforming your personalities. Students enrolled in the BA English Honours programme will get an in-depth understanding of English that can be applied to a range of industries, including mass communication, publishing, creative writing, and public relations. Several Indian companies hire students with a BA (Hons) English degree. The work and employment of BA English Honours graduates are defined by their academic qualifications and skills. The following are some of the potential employment opportunities for BA English Honours graduates: Copywriter, Technical Writer, Content Writer, Journalist, Teacher, Lecturer, Publisher, Public Relation Specialist.

Such being its value and applications, the choice of the college from which you may intend to undertake this course of study will matter in a big way. Several universities in India offer BA English Honours degrees. Academic credentials and admission test scores are used to determine admission. In case you are a resident of the north Indian state of Haryana, you can be sure to find a diverse palette of BA English Honours University as well as BA English Honours Colleges in Haryana. And the one name that you’ll find right at the top of your searches is The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) that offers BA English Hons Literature course with great distinction!  

Let us begin by introducing you to The NorthCap University that is so centrally located in Haryana’s most well-known mega city, Gurgaon.

About The NorthCap University (NCU), Gurgaon

Founded in the year 1996, The NorthCap University (NCU) is a progressive multidisciplinary university located in the very heart of Gurugram, Haryana. The university’s rich heritage of 25+ years, 11000+ alumni and robust academic infrastructure enables it to have deep linkages with government, industry and research bodies. The university operates well-defined schools in its state-of-the-art urban campus and hosts a diverse student body in the disciplines of engineering & technology, management, liberal arts, law, applied sciences, media and entertainment and business.

To talk of its core credentials, NCU is a National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Grade A accredited university that serves as a research and talent catalyst between students and industry. Ably guided by eminent academicians and industry leaders, it follows an immersive pedagogy to deliver undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. What’s more, this university is a comprehensive partner of Arizona State University which is ranked as #1 university in the U.S. for innovation, outreach and stewardship. This strategic collaboration chiefly focuses on innovation, internationalisation and digitisation. As part of this partnership, NCU students enjoy summer immersion programmes and accelerated master’s programmes right within the territorial area of the USA.

To give you a glimpse of its accreditations and recognitions, NCU is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Bar Council of India (BCI). The University is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) UK, a member of the American Society for Quality, and is also accredited by Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC), UK. Enjoying a 5-Star QS Ranking for Teaching, Employability, Academic Development, Online Learning and Inclusiveness, NCU today ranks among the Top 30 Best Performing Universities as per Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) rankings.  

Next, a few introductory words about the School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM).

About School of Management and Liberal Studies

The School of Management and Liberal Studies at The NorthCap University has a history of a decade of producing competent, capable, and dedicated professionals. Right from its inception in the year 2009, the school has been regularly working in-spirit with the vision and mission of The NorthCap University, Gurugram. In fact, this School’s journey began in 2007 with the commencement of a 2-years full-time MBA Programme, which is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. In time, School of Management (SOM) emerged as an individual school that started offering degrees like MBA, BBA in 2010, and BCOM in 2012. Subsequently, the School of Management came to be known as the School of Management and Liberal Arts from 2019 when it started offering the B.A. Psychology Honours and BA Economics Honours, and later, BA English courses.

In addition to covering the regular curriculum, School of Management and Liberal Studies at The NorthCap University puts a big emphasis on the Personality Development Programmes, Mentoring programmes, Live Projects, Experiential learning through case studies, industry visit, Industry-academia interaction programmes, subject-focused seminars, guest talks, industrial visits, community service, and encouragement for in-house and outside extra-curricular activities to develop the employable skills of students and prepare them as professional managers and entrepreneurs. Indeed, this school is an outstanding place for those who wish to pursue their career in management largely because of its well-qualified and experienced faculty, modern facilities, spacious classrooms, multimedia-based learning supportive infrastructure, and great placements.

It is this persistence and passion that has been instrumental in placing the School of Management and Liberal Studies at The NorthCap University across MHRD led NIRF ranking, QS Star ranking, ASU partnership, ARIIA rankings and the institute is confident to scale greater heights!

And now, a few introductory words about Bachelor of Arts (BA) – English(Hons.) course offered by The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM).

About NCU SOM’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) – English(Hons.) Course

The BA English Honours Literature course offered at The North Cap University seeks to help students to become an expert in reading, analysing, and discussing written works that inspire them. The aspirants will emerge with a skill set that is sought after for careers in the arts, publishing, and media. Also, this BA English Honours programme will prepare students to develop an international perspective and bring them to par with English Literature students across the globe as they will be able to connect courses in liberal studies disciplines together in unique ways to create an integrated interdisciplinary education. The English Literature element of the course spans hundreds of years of inspiration, from the English Renaissance of the 16th century right up to the present day. Based on the UGC guideline, the curriculum covers the cultural, social, historical, and political dimensions of key events and eras that have had a huge impact on today’s civilisation. As they complete their Bachelor of Arts English Honours degree from NCU – which is ranked among the top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR –  students will be able to study conflicts, empires, disasters, and more, from the medieval period right through to contemporary society.

To talk of the key objectives of this course, NCU SOM’s BA English Honours programme aims to help students to:

  • Develop awareness about different cultures, attitudes across various ethnicities through different forms of literature.
  • Understand the literatures belonging to various ages and to be able to analyse and interpret the same.
  • Acquire sensitivity and creativity in students through study of major genres, styles, forms of literature.
  • Focus on developing linguistic skills of students so that they could become efficient copywriters, translators and content writers.
  • Enhance research and analytical skills of students which help them to excel at the professional level.
  • Prepare students to focus equally on their academics and extracurricular activities.

Some major highlights of the course can be enumerated as below:

  • The course aims at developing an understanding of the growing discipline of English and promoting skill based education.
  • An important goal is to facilitate self-discovery in the students and ensure their enthusiastic and effective participation in responding to the needs and challenges of society.
  • The course intends to enable students in developing knowledge and skills to meet day-to-day challenges and work on career opportunities.
  • The syllabus has been created keeping in mind the changing nature of the society, educational institutions and the workplace and to inculcate the required competencies in students.
  • The curriculum complies to the regulatory requirement of UGC.

And, its chief Programme Outcomes (POs) are as follows:

Upon completion of B.A. English (Hons), a student will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a professional position or pursue a postgraduate degree in a variety of fields such as English Literature, Mass Communication, Journalism, Media studies etc. Students will enhance their career prospects by integrating an awareness of sustainability solutions with their domain of specific knowledge.

The Programme will also help the students to:

  • Formulate effective responses to specific interdisciplinary problems.
  • Connect their personal beliefs to their professional practice.
  • Prepare themselves for multiple careers and learn other careers not aware of before.
  • Be Industry ready.
  • Write and speak professionally for diverse audiences.
  • Develop key critical thinking skills.
  • Enhance their creativity level.

Final Words

With so many aspects in its favour, there is little doubt that you will get educated in BA English Honours course in the best way if you enrol yourself at The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) that shines bright amidst a diverse palette of BA English Honours University as and BA English Honours Colleges in Haryana. To know more about The NorthCap University, its School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM), as also the Bachelor of Arts (BA) – English(Hons.) course being offered here, you may refer to the University’s official website:

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