The Best Colleges offering Bachelor's in Animation and VFX

The Best Colleges offering Bachelor’s in Animation and VFX

22nd Apr, 2024

When it comes to choosing the best colleges offering BSc in Animation and VFX, the first name that pops up is The NorthCap University. This multidisciplinary university is located in Gurugram and offers students various degrees in emerging fields like media communication, web design, digital video production, graphic design, digital marketing, and many more. For students who want to build their career in animation and VFX, visiting The NorthCap University is a must. This university was founded in 1996, and since then, has been recognised as one of the Best Colleges in Delhi/NCR offering engineering, management, law, applied sciences, business and now media and entertainment degree programmes to students.

The vision of The NorthCap University is to be known globally in the field of transformative education which includes innovation, academic excellence, and socially relevant research. It strives to become the preferred one-stop destination for students, faculty, employers, and associates.

What Study BSc in Animation and VFX at The NorthCap University?

The learning outcome at The NorthCap University is primarily focused on visual communication. Here’s shedding light on all the relevant components below:

1. Expertise in Creating Compelling Stories Through Video Production

  • NCU experts ensure that students understand the elements of narrative, such as theme, plot, character development, etc.
  • Faculty at this university ensure that students master the technical aspects of video production, which include sound design, editing, camera control, lighting, and much more.
  • Students at this university learn advanced storytelling techniques such as symbolism, non-linear narrative structures, etc.
  • Students engage by practicing storytelling across different genres and formats.

2. Expertise in Advanced Photography

  • Students at NCU develop a deep understanding of camera setup, lighting skills, composition, exposure, and much more.
  • Students explore different types of photography, including landscape, portrait, documentary, etc.
  • They also experiment with creative techniques such as HDR, long exposure, and macro photography.
  • NCU students are very keen to learn post-processing skills using software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to manipulate images.

3. Application of Principles in Graphic Design

  • Students enjoy learning design principles such as colour theory, layout, and composition.
  • They gain a lot of knowledge in standard design software such as Adobe, Photoshop, InDesign, and many others.
  • NCU students practice designing a variety of communication materials that include flyers, logos, posters, and digital graphics.
  • Students in the BSc Animation and VFX course understand the importance of branding.

4. Practically Solve the Problem by Using Acquired Knowledge

  • The NorthCap University experts engage students in real-world projects and case studies to help them learn concepts practically.
  • Professors at NCU help students develop critical thinking skills that help them analyse visual communication challenges and design creative solutions.
  • NCU students also work with peer groups and industry professionals to brainstorm ideas and solve problems.

5. Flexible Skill Set Development for Multiple Roles

  • NCU students adapt to changing industry direction and technology through continuous learning.
  • Professors at NCU help students build their portfolios, present different projects, and demonstrate expertise in different areas.
  • Professors ensure that students’ soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management will shine in a variety of tasks and settings.

By focusing on these areas, NCU students can acquire a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of visual communication.

Who can apply for a BSc in animation and VFX colleges?

BSc in Animation and VFX College offers a 3-year undergraduate programme for people with a creative or artistic background. If the candidate has completed their 10+2 qualification or equivalent qualification with at least 50% marks, then they can apply for this course. Below are the key factors that a candidate should know before admission.

1. Course Overview

  • B.Sc. Animation and VFX is a course that introduces students to the fascinating world of animation and visual effects.
  • In this course, people will be introduced to aspects of animation that include drawing skills and virtual art.
  • The programme covers topics such as medical communication, law and ethics, design for print, web design, commercial photography, digital marketing, and much more. At The NorthCap University, this programme is divided into six semesters, which gives students the opportunity to learn in detail.
  • During the course, students attend presentations, project works, internships, industrial training, etc.

2. Eligibility

  • Students have completed their 10+2 (English Medium) with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks. Students must appear for JEE Mains, or any other eligibility test conducted in 2024.
  • Having a creative or artistic desire is beneficial for students applying for B.Sc. Animation and VFX course.

3. Main Pointers for Pursuing BSc.

  • Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Type of exam: Semester
  • Course Fee: At The NorthCap University, the BSc Animation and VFX course fee is around INR 2,00,000. For more details, students can email us at
  • Starting Salaries: After completion of B.Sc. Animation and VFX from The NorthCap University, candidates can expect salaries ranging from INR 40,000 to 80,000. Salaries increase significantly with experience.
  • Job opportunities: After obtaining a B.Sc. Animation and VFX degree, candidates can find employment in industries such as photographers, freelance artists, multimedia, digital content creators, video editors, media houses, education, and IT.


The NorthCap University is the best university in Delhi NCR offering B.Sc. Animation and VFX course at a reasonable price. Candidates will find various career opportunities after completing this course. If you are serious about your career, visit The NorthCap University in Sector 23-A Gurugram – 122017, or email We are happy to help you shape your career.

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