School of Professional Attachment (SPA) has been established at NCU to build and enrich your potential and help you plan your career better. SPA will nurture you from the time you join the University till you finally get a good placement – it acts as a bridge between you and your first job. For your holistic development, ready to face contemporary challenges of the corporate world and for your smooth transition from the campus to the corporate world, SPA will equip you with the right kind of skills and attitude so that you can become more effective, efficient and productive in your employer’s organization.

The University is proud of its students who have been serving in various capacities as technocrats, business managers, industrialists and entrepreneurs. The most frequently cited accolades regarding our students from the organizations which are regular recruiters from NCU include our students’ flexibility, ability to learn quickly, versatility, performance as team players, excellent analytical skills, and most importantly the positive attitude that they bring to their jobs. We are confident that our students will make a mark wherever they go and make their alma mater proud.

SPA is engaged in carrying out the following tasks:

  1. Enhancing student employability
  2. Improved industry internship attachment
  3. Career counseling and gap analysis
  4. Continuous improvement in the systems and processes
  5. Higher and better job placements with a wider industry reach
  6. Obtaining industry feedback for improving the academic curriculum

Enhancing Student Employability

In addition to the hard (technical) skills, soft skills are required to be developed by a student to enhance employability. Soft skills are the abilities and traits pertaining to personality, attitude and behavior. It helps to raise your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). There is a strong need to acquire these skills right from the moment you enter the first year of professional studies, rather than waiting until the final year or just before the job placement selection process begins.

There is an important saying ‘Technical Skills will get you the interview, but it’s your Soft Skills that get you the job’. At NCU your soft skills are developed through a series of initiatives:

  • SPA engages in a regular interaction with the students starting from their induction into the university until the time they are placed.
  • Prepare the students for all the facets of placement process:
    • Conduct on line mock aptitude tests
    • Arrange Pre Placement Interviews (PPIs) – a full dress rehearsal for facing the job placement interviews.
    • Practice for Group Discussions (GDs)
    • Inputs for improving presentation skills
    • Share “Information Bulletin” to keep the students well informed.
  • Invited Talks – by inviting industry experts from perspective employers

An internship gives the opportunity to develop relevant skills, knowledge and experience. Industry internship provides you the opportunity to get attached to a professional organization, on a full-time basis, for a period of six to ten weeks to:

  • Get exposed to a real-life work environment to acquire first-hand practical experience and sharpen your skills in tune with the requirements of the industry.
  • Interact with real-life working professionals and gain valuable references to gain an edge for better job placements.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge gained through academic studies to the workplace, and blend it with real-life practical situations.
  • Serve as an opportunity to showcase your potential for a prospective employment opportunity with the same organization.

Internship thus acts as a stepping stone for entering into the professional world with the required skills. The job market is competitive and by showing your commitment as soon as you can, you will stand out. SPA extends all possible help in getting you placed with an appropriate company for your internship so that you get career-related work experience.

Career counseling and gap analysis

It has been seen over the years that students run only to what is visible e.g., the salary offered and don’t understand the importance of a suitable job profile. Personal one-on-one counseling sessions are held in helping to bridge the gap.

  • Scanning and explaining the job profiles offered by the companies.
  • Detailed interactive sessions with the students to clear their doubts.

Continuous improvement in the systems and processes

A complete review of the systems and processes is regularly carried out for the smooth, efficient and transparent working of the placement process.

  • Availability of online Placement Portal – very user-friendly and popular
  • Well documented and publicized “Placement Procedure”
  • Pre Placement Interview (PPI) procedure and guide
  • Sample aptitude test guides available on the portal
  • Detailed information about visiting employer company is shared with students
  • Improved communication through SMS and E-mail service
  • Departmental SPA committee for a wider faculty involvement

Higher and better job placements with a wider industry reach

The focus has always been to widen the industry reach and get better salary packages for our students. Efforts are made to reach out to a very large number of companies across all verticals and invite them to the campus for carrying out their placement process. It has been achieved by:

  • Targeting all companies already visiting NCU and all other leading companies
  • Increased focus to invite Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Improved networking with the industry
  • Getting additional leads from
    • Student Internships
    • Students’ parents
    • Alumni
  • Raise the bar every year for the salary package being offered before accepting the companies to conduct campus placement drive at NCU.

Obtaining industry feedback for improving the academic curriculum

Identification of a gap between the skills of students and industry requirements is a continuous growing process. Efforts are made to obtain industry feedback at the end of each placement drive to identify the gaps and share with the respective HODs on a regular basis. Accordingly, changes are made in the academic curriculum.

SPA stands committed to hand-holding you right from the time you join the University till you join your dream company and even thereafter as alumni, for the benefit of providing the wisdom of your experience to your younger college mates in the form of career counseling and getting better job opportunities. We wish you a great learning experience here at The NorthCap University and an equally rewarding career thereafter.

Campus Placement Record

The University is a preferred destination for most of the MNCs for hiring students from various streams of Engineering, Management and Law. More than a hundred companies visit NCU regularly every year for carrying out placement drives and generally end up picking up higher numbers than what they had originally planned based on the performance of our students. The University boasts of an excellent track record of placements.

The University has strong links with a variety of employers – from startups to multinational corporations – all operating across a multitude of sectors. Efforts of SPA have resulted in quality placements of students over the years, in premier companies like Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, Fidelity International, Intel, Protiviti Consulting, Siemens, Daikin, Orange Business Services, Ericsson Global, British Telecom, Optum,, Libsys Corp., Newgen Software, Nagarro Software, Maruti Suzuki, CB&I, Samsung Engineering, SK Engineering, Think Future Technologies, Mentor Graphics and many others.

A positive feedback of the previously employed students, from the employers, has resulted in these companies continuing to return for campus placements with more inclusions each year. Besides securing job placements, a number of our students have gone in for higher studies in India and abroad.

Mr. BK Gupta
Director, School of Professional Attachment