NCU A Plastic Free Campus

Plastic pollution is an environmental emergency. The impact that plastic usage has on ecosystems and the climate is disastrous. We have all heard the terrifying reports of the environment agencies that indicates that if we don't shift towards no plastic mode, we will soon face unprecedented troubles to our lifestyles. This is why our involvement in the no plastic campaign significantly contributes towards creating a no plastic campus

We do not use any kind of plastic which is unable to be recycled in the University premises and students pro-actively support the campaign in the following ways:

  • No unnecessary plastic cups at student cafeteria, only paper cups are used for serving tea, coffee, juices etc.
  • Disposable paper coffee cups are used at the tea-coffee spots in the campus.
  • No plastic takeaway containers used for lunch and refreshments.
  • No plastic food packaging or bottled water for sale in the campus.
  • Instead of plastic cup, water taps are there (Students carry their own water bottles).

We have a University level committee "ENACTUS" who has taken the initiative to creatively to promote the campaign of no plastic life around us. Enactus is an environmentally aware faculty-student population, which works towards creating an ecosystem which will serve the larger goals of society. In the current climate, proper waste management and reducing plastic-use is fundamental to improving overall sustainability and environmental practices. Enactus has been contributing effectively in this regard.


It aims at building pencils out of newspapers. Using waste newspapers as the primary raw material, we present pencils that minimize the felling of trees for the purpose of wood. Not only does it contribute to the protection of environment, but also aims at employing the disabled people, hence providing them with their regular incomes.

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