Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

Faculty Lab In charge: Mr. Lokesh Choudhary

About the lab:

Transportation engineering section of the civil engineering department is involved with multifarious activities related to highway engineering. Coarse Aggregates form the major part of the pavement structure and this is the prime material used in pavement construction. Bitumen is a petroleum product used in pavement construction works. This lab primarily deals with basic tests of Coarse Aggregates and Bitumen.


  • Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus
  • Los-Angle s Abrasion test machine
  • Crushing value test apparatus
  • Dory’s abrasion test machine
  • Deval’s Attrition test aggregates
  • Ductility test on Bitumen
  • Viscosity test on Bitumen
  • Standard Penetrometer
  • Flash and Fire point (Bitumen)
  • Electric heater 2000 watts

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