Project Lab

Project Lab

A focus on design inspires innovation and enhances creativity for self, builds the foundation and provides the edge for competitive success required in today’s dynamic environment for engineers. A major project is a part of UG curriculum which runs in two consequent semesters of final year. A load of one full day in a week is dedicated to project work. To improve the quality of projects, the department has established a ‘Project Lab’ so as the students may work here for developing their projects and getting a good practical exposure.

The lab provides all necessary facilities so as our students of B.Tech (ECE) and M.Tech (ECE) can work efficiently towards gaining a good hands-on experience on latest technologies and build an attitude for developing new technologies.
The lab has two sections, being used as follows:
Section 1

  • Classroom
  • Project and Dissertation Simulation
  • Project Evaluation

Section 2

  • Project Design & Testing
  • Project Reference Reading (for Reports and Datasheets)

This lab has all basic software and simulation tools used by a communication engineering for designing and testing communication circuits and networks. A few of these are Cadence, MatLab, QualNet, OptSim, Optisystem, OrCad, Tanner tools and NS2 etc. Equipments procured for the lab include CROs, Function Generators, Power Supplies, Soldering Stations and consumable components used in common projects etc.

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