Environmental Engineering Lab

Environmental Engineering Lab

Faculty Lab In charge: Dr. Vaishali Sahu

About the lab:

Environmental engineering lab helps in the pollution prevention as air, water and noise testing is done in the lab. As a result of these tests, various remedies can be suggested to reduce the environmental pollution. The purpose of this lab is to make the students aware of the dangerous effects of environmental pollution. With these tests environmental protection agency can keep a check on the hazardous emissions by any industry and can protect health of common man, water toxicity, land spoiling and air pollution.


  • pH Meter Digital
  • Conductivity Meter Digital
  • Hot Air oven, Noise Level meter
  • Spectrometer, Dissolved Oxygen meter (EI Make model-851)
  • BOD Incubator, COD Digestion apparatus
  • Distillation Unit
  • Systronic Make Turbidity Meter (Digital) Model 132
  • Fine Particulate, Spectrophotometer
  • Jar test apparatus
  • EI Make PH/MV/ Conductivity/TDS
  • Muffle Furnace max., Deep Freezer Model
  • Humidity Chamber, Flouride Meter

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