Cloud Computing Lab

Cloud Computing Lab

With cloud computing becoming more prevalent in companies, both large and small, the global requirement for Cloud professionals is on the rise. Cloud lab has been designed for giving our students exposure to migration of IT services from traditional on-premises systems to Cloud environments. To facilitate training of students of CSE on real Cloud environment and to make them ready for the ever growing Cloud business model, the department has conjoined with the AWS educate initiative through this lab. Students learn scalable programming on Amazon AWS using – Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, RDS, DynamoDB, Beanstalk, lambda and other AWS tools and SDK.

The AWS Educate initiative provides four important resources to our students:

  • Grant of USD $100 AWS credits to each student.
  • Access to free and discounted AWS Training resources.
  • Access to free Online Labs.
  • Online and in-person collaboration and networking opportunities.

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