Antenna and Wave Propagation Lab

Antenna and Wave Propagation Lab

In the antenna and wave propagation lab students study the variation of field strength of radiated wave with distance from transmitting antenna. Linear and circular polarisation phenomenon of antennas are also studied. Students also demonstrate and validate the reciprocity property of transmitter and receiver antenna. The plot of radiation pattern, 3dB beam width, directivity, gain and VSWR measurement of various antennas- Simple dipole, folded dipole, Yagi-Uda, Hertz, Log periodic, Loop, micro strip, array, E and H plane, Slot and Helix are also studied and measured.

This lab is equipped with antenna measurement system (WL-AMS-A) to study the radiation pattern in azimuth and elevation plane. With this system, students can also measure side lobe level, front to back ratio, directivity, gain and angular position of different antennas. Signal generators, oscilloscopes, power meters and computers are also aided in this lab.

Antenna designing and simulation software such as Computer Simulation Technology (CST) and Antenna Simulator application in Matlab 2019 are also facilitated in AWP lab and used by researchers working in the area of efficient antenna design and simulation.

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