Analog Electronics Laboratory

Analog Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory is designed to meet the requirements of syllabus of Analog Electronics for the students of III semester, department of EECE as per NCU curriculum. Fifteen selected experiments are performed in the analog electronics lab to enhance the practical skills of students. The experiments are related to study BJT as an amplifier in CE configuration, simulate and implement the common-emitter amplifier, to study the DC biasing of a transistor circuit and to determine its Q point i.e. IC, IB, VBE and VCE, to study collector to base bias circuit and determine its Q point. Various amplifier circuits are simulated and implemented in labs like RC coupled amplifier circuit, DC and AC analysis of common collector amplifier and CE amplifier and find its performance parameters. The experiments are also based on  BJT Darlington emitter follower and determine the gain, input and output impedances, to determine the frequency of oscillation in a Wein-Bridge oscillator and Hartley oscillator, to measure the frequency of oscillations in RC phase shift oscillator, to measure the frequency of oscillations in Colpitts Oscillator. Other advanced level experiments are to study the characteristics of a Class-B push-pull amplifier, simulate and implement Class-B push-pull amplifier with diode compensation, to design and test the IC 723 voltage regulator, to measure the quiescent operating point, maximum input signal for undistorted output, value of optimum load and distortion for the maximum output power in single ended power amplifier. Software based experiments are related to study and simulate emitter bias and fixed bias BJT Circuit using Virtual

Lab/ PSpice Simulator.


Current Equipments

1.Multiple  Power Supply
2.Digital Storage Oscilloscope   ( DSO)
3.Function Generators
4.DC Power Supplies 15-300V/1A
5.Digital multi-meters
6.CRO (20MHz) &30MHz
7.A.F. Millimeter 0-5mA
8.Resistances, diodes, capacitors , BNC cable, Banana lead ,Bread Board, Transformers, Transistors
9.Core I3 Computer Systems with H P Laser Printer

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