Analog Communication System

Analog Communication System

In the analog communication system lab, students are introduced to modulation and demodulation systems to study the modulated and demodulated input signals. They also measure R.M.S. value, power, amplitude, bandwidth and frequency of the input and output signals. Various analog modulations and demodulations are studied such as amplitude modulation/demodulation, frequency modulation/demodulation and phase modulation/demodulation. Modulation techniques such as PAM, PPM, PWM and delta modulations are performed and studied. Also, the frequency and amplitude of given unknown signal is measured using spectrum analyser.

This lab is equipped with DSO, spectrum analyser, CRO, power supplies, mustimeters, function generators, PAM, PWM, delta modulation systems. Also various analog modulation/demodulation systems to measure and study the AM, FM and PM are available in ACS lab.

In this lab, computer systems are installed with Matlab 2019 to simulate the analog modulations and study the modulation scheme and its spectrum using both Simulink and Matlab programming. Students also studied the real time amplitude modulation and demodulation using virtual labs.

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