Key Factors for Choosing a University for an MA in Psychology

Factors to Consider When Choosing a University for an MA in Psychology

23rd Apr, 2024

As a subject of knowledge, “Psychology” may be defined as “the study of mind and behaviour.” Its core subject matter includes the behaviour of humans and nonhumans, both conscious and unconscious phenomena, and mental processes such as thoughts, feelings, and motives. As a course of study, Psychology can be an excellent choice for a college major and career for several reasons. That’s because getting a psychology degree can verily open doors to several different careers and lead you to a job that is in high demand. Additionally, it can also be a great way to learn more about yourself and make a real difference in other people’s lives. The study of Psychology can be pursued as a graduate degree, to begin with, and then it can be further enhanced as a post-graduation qualification and even a Ph.D. and further higher research studies. In this blog today we shall focus on MA in Psychology or Master in Psychology courses and talk about colleges offering MA in Psychology as also the best universities for Master in Psychology in India with a special focus on the M.A. in Psychology programme being offered by Gurgaon (Haryana)-based The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) that is highly rated for its content and impact.  That would include a brief recount of the factors to consider when choosing a university for an MA in Psychology.  

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Psychology Graduate/Post-Graduate Programme

Let us begin with a small recap of some questions to ask when choosing psychology as a graduate degree programme, which is highly relevant if you wish to take it to the next level as a Post Graduate Course, viz., MA in Psychology.

Choosing to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology is certainly a smart move for advancing your job prospects in the field. Going by the decision you make during your graduation, pursuing a specific programme can expand your career options to teaching, conducting research, or working in independent practice. Whatever you may choose to pursue, you need to be prepared to make a direct contribution towards improving people’s lives in a significant way. 

Needless to say, earning your degree means finding the right programme that would meet your needs, all factors considering. Roughly, when you are comparing graduate schools and programme features, be sure to ask these important questions.

  • What Future Career Options Do I Have if I Pursue this Programme? 
  • Does the Programme Offer the Specialisation I Want?
  • What Type of Training Model Does the Programme Follow?
  • Is the Programme Accredited?
  • Is the Programme Compatible with My Lifestyle?
  • What’s the Student Success Rate?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Apply?
  • How Much Will It Cost to Attend?

And now, let us consider undertaking the Post Graduate Course in Psychology at The NorthCap University.

Right at the outset, we know that higher education is an important life decision, so when looking for universities, students must evaluate their institution of choice on a variety of parameters, including academic quality, location, fees, and campus safety.

You have undoubtedly heard it a million times: selecting the right university is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in your life, and it’s absolutely correct. Where you graduate from will have a long-term influence on your personal and professional life. Yet, many students choose a university based on instinct or a restricted set of criteria, sometimes simply a strong hunch. While this will not prevent you from succeeding academically, it would better if such a significant decision is scrutinised a little more closely. 

Enumerated below is a select list of factors that you can consider:

  • Available programmes and courses 
  • Accreditation and certification 
  • Admission prerequisites
  • Geographical location 
  • The expense of education and the cost of living 
  • Career Resources 

So, we see that choosing a college is not an easy task, with so many different aspects to consider. Hence, if you do not give enough time or thought to this or do proper research, it could make the selection process considerably more stressful and may eventually hurt your future. Alternatively, if you carefully evaluate all of the above-mentioned factors along with other options that may be important for you, you will be able to find your way. What we would like to advise you is that you must start early and take it forward step-by-step; this way, you will be able to make the best choice for your future!

It is here that we would like to introduce you to the M.A. in Psychology programme being offered by NCU’s School of Management and Liberal Studies in Gurugram Haryana, a highly rated for its content and impact.  

About NCU SOM M.A. in Psychology Programme

The M.A. in Psychology programme offered at The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) – whose persistence and passion have been instrumental in placing it across MHRD-led NIRF ranking, QS Star ranking, ASU partnership, and ARIIA rankings – is covered in 4 semesters. A minimum of 85 credits are required to be earned by a student to complete the course. (Core = 36; Programme Elective = 18; Foundation = 4; Open Elective = 6; Internship, Dissertation & Research Seminar = 15; Ability Enhancement = 2; Community Service = 4). Sufficient choice for Programme Electives and Open Electives is provided in line with the CBCS guidelines recommended by UGC for flexibility & uniformity in assessments.

Benefits of the Programme: The M.A. in Psychology programme offered by The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) seeks to provide students (particularly the students of Haryana domicile) a platform in Delhi NCR to gain theoretical and practical knowledge so that they can specialise their career in various fields such as teaching, research, clinical practice, industry, policymaking, etc. This programme also provides students the opportunity to do internships and research so that they can integrate the knowledge obtained from theory into practice. The core objective of this programme is to prepare students rigorously to take an active part in social progress as Professors, Industry Experts, Clinical Practitioners, Scientists, and other professionals of repute and to become leaders in nation-building.

Unique Propositions of the Course: The MA Psychology programme offered by The NorthCap University provides the following propositions to benefit the students.

Research Orientation Research Seminar, Dissertation, and Summer Internship will orient the student to build a strong foundation for research that can contribute to the industries, and academics and prepare the student for a higher research degree such as a PhD.

Flexibility With Elective Choices in the 3rd & 4th semesters, students also have an exit option after one year with a PG diploma in Psychology.

Community Service As per UGC recommendations, the programme offers courses on community service. With this, the students will inculcate an attitude of concern towards the society and by which they can act towards benefitting the society and the nation at large.

Course in line with NEP – The course provides exit with a PG Diploma after completing 40 credits in the first year.

Why MA in Psychology at NCU School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM)?

Some of the key reasons why you should undertake an MA in Psychology at NCU School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) are listed below.

  • You will develop a clear understanding of theories, concepts, and frameworks of human behaviour and the human mind.
  • You will understand real-world challenges and situations.
  • You will acquire interpersonal, observational, and counselling skills.
  • You will be adequately equipped with transferable skills of potential value to future employers.
  • The programme is curated around a choice-based credit system and is aligned with NEP.
  • Pedagogy includes experiential exercises, projects, hands-on learning in the lab, psychometric tests, case studies, profile analysis, and report writing.
  • The programme focuses on statistics and research tools including testing, surveys, interviews, fieldwork, and observation.
  • Industry experts and practitioners visit the campus on a routine basis.
  • The institute has important collaborations with NGOs, Hospitals, Clinics, Counselling Psychologists and CSR Foundations.


And that’s not all! There’s so much more to know about undertaking this premium degree programme of MA in Psychology being offered at The NorthCap University’s School of Management and Liberal Studies (SOM) that ranks high not only in the list of colleges offering MA in Psychology in India but also in the select list of the best universities for Master’s in Psychology in India! Come, discover the joy and the importance of enrolling here for a postgraduate course in Psychology! 

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