Exclusive Academic Offerings of Gurugram's Leading Private University

Exclusive Academic Offerings of Gurugram’s Leading Private University

28th Mar, 2024

Moving ahead in the realm of future education always prompts a crucial choice for the students: Public or Private? The decision surely requires meticulous research, as it shapes and supports your academic journey in the future path. 

To be specific, private universities operate to provide quality education. However, due to their professional-oriented approach, it results in smaller and more selective classes. This helps private universities to preserve their focused learning environment and ensures the quality of education.

So, if you want to understand the unique characteristics and qualities that the private University in Gurugram provides, then let us understand the exclusive offerings of NorthCap University.

Exclusive Offerings of NorthCap University

Many private universities in Gurugram might cater to your individual needs better than a public university. NorthCap University stands at the epitome of quality education where innovation meets Technology. It has a ripe experience of more than 25 years and maintains a strong net of versatile alumni from myriad fields and industries.

It has strong collaboration and links with government, industry, and top research bodies in India. It has a vast campus and hosts a diversified education realms covering the disciples of

Visionary Education policy

NorthCap University is a National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Grade A accredited university that serves as a bridge between students and industries with specific needs. Under the guidance of distinguished academicians and industrial leaders, NCU incorporates an immersive pedagogy for its undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral programs.

NCU is wholeheartedly committed to providing the best academic environment to its students.

Higher Tuition fees but higher education quality

When we talk about NorthCap University, cited as one of the best universities in Gurugram, it is crucial to understand that while the tuition fees may be a bit higher than its public counterparts, the educational policies surpass the regular norms.

For students not constrained by financial concerns, there is a spectrum of NorthCap University for the students, along with excellent programs to consider. It should be noted that there is a distinct fee structure for Indian and international students that is already illustrated on the official website of NCU.

Accreditation and rankings

Various private universities have accredited or higher ranks than public universities in Gurgaon. NorthCap University has been standing among the best private universities in Gurugram and has ranked as:

  • An overall rating of DIAMOND from QS I-Gauge,
  • Platinum Subject Rating in Engineering,
  • Gold Subject Rating in Law & Legal Studies,
  • Gold Subject Rating in Management,
  • Number “1” in Haryana by the CSR-GHRDC Engineering Institution Survey – 2022,
  • Number “1” in Haryana by the CSR-GHRDC LAW SCHOOL SURVEY – 2022,
  • Features among Top 30 Best Performer universities in the category of University & Deemed to be University (Private/Self-Financed) of our country by ARIIA 2021,
  • 4-star ratings in the Institution’s Innovation Council ratings (IIC), Ministry of Education, Government of India for the year 2020-21, and many more.

It has alliances and collaborations with 

  • Arizona State University, 
  • Michigan Technological University, 
  • University of Dayton,
  • The University of Chester,
  • Providence University and more.

These collaborations create a strong foothold for the graduated students of NCU. This established partnership with esteemed foreign universities facilitates research and student-faculty exchange, showing commitment to global collaborations.

Myriad subjects with specialization

At NorthCap University, students are provided education as per their chosen specialization. It always focuses on the area of interest that can be advantageous for students. The key programs provided by NCU are:

  • School of Engineering & Technology (CSE, MDE)
  • School of Business
  • School of Management and Liberal Studies (BBA, B. Com with Honours, BA with Honours, MBA)
  • Department of Applied Science (Ph.D.)
  • Centre for Language Learning
  • Centre for Media and Entertainment

NCU has a wide range of labs and research facilities to uplift students who are dedicated to their creativity and using research features for academics.

Campus and environment

Life at NCU is a vibrant realm of opportunities, allowing students to pursue and talents freely. There are various clubs for recreation like Music, Photography, Dance, Debate, and Yukti Social Club, fostering interest in sports and cultural activities. It conducts various webinars, TEDx talks, workshops, and festivals all around the year. It is well-equipped 

  • Gym,
  • Library, 
  • Cafeteria,
  • LDC and Health& Counselling Services at the Gurgaon campus of NCU. 


In the long term, there are many advantages that NorthCap University in Gurgaon provides to its students. Apart from the diversified education program and a better quality of faculties available, they also enhance the personality of their student by providing them the opportunities to get into the real world and understand what are the needs and wants in those fields. 

Although their tuition fee is higher, they provide financial aid to the need-based student. The campuses and the culture they provide play a gigantic role in curbing the choice of getting into the best private university in Gurugram for most of the students.


1. Why are private universities a better choice than their public counterparts?

Private universities have more funding and materials than the public universities. They are always ready to make amendments and updates to their programs. They also integrate Technology into the pedagogy.

2. Does a private university degree hold value?

Yes, a degree from a reputable private university approved by the UGC ( Regulatory Body)  holds equal value to that of a public university degree.

3. Are private universities good for higher education?

Yes, they are an excellent choice for a student pursuing higher education.

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