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Exciting times at the Universitas Indonesia (UI) Jakarta!

2nd Aug, 2023

Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Gopaliya on 25th July 2023 visited the beautiful campus of the University of Indonesia. The University of Indonesia (UI) takes immense pride in being one of the world’s leading research institutions, continuously pushing the boundaries of knowledge and nurturing regional and global connections.

During this visit, Prof. Gopaliya met with Dr. Eng. Radon Dhelika & Mr. Agus S. Pamitran from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Dr. Yanki Hartijasti and Prof. Dr. Irwan Adi Ekaputra, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business. This hopefully paves the way for faculty-to-faculty collaborations. Together, we’re setting out on a journey of joint research, PhD supervision, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

By establishing direct communication between our international offices, we’re laying the groundwork for a formal collaboration that promises endless possibilities for growth and discovery. With united efforts and shared passion for education and innovation, we are building a brighter future for academia here at NCU! 

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