Webinar on Vocabulary Techniques for Competitive Examinations. IEEE Program (SIP)

Webinar on Vocabulary Techniques for Competitive Examinations. IEEE Program (SIP)

About the Event

IEEE NCU organized a webinar session for IEEE NCU Student branch and external all India audience to acquaint everyone about Vocabulary Techniques for Competitive Examinations on 4th July 2020.

The Agenda included:

Vocabulary improvement with the help of various techniques like root words.
Techniques that help understand the word making phenomenon.

The session saw an overwhelming participation from the IEEE members of the student branch and even external attendees from universities and colleges all across India. Ms. Tarannum Nazeem Raza was able to grip the audience throughout, with her dynamic presentation and a rational approach towards the agenda. She discussed the prospects of all techniques with thorough detail with adequate examples. She also suggested best seller books for reference purpose. The question and answer round at the end, was a cherry on the cake. It witnessed an eloquent closing, by Ms. Tarannum and clarified all possible queries and doubts. The webinar streamed live on YouTube and had an engagement of 765 viewers. The technical/backend was wonderfully handled by Mr. Ansh Dodeja and the poster was creatively curated by Mr. Akshay Makkar. The marketing team consisted of Mr. Ansh, Mr. Saumay, and Mr. Rohit.

About The Speaker of the Event

The key speaker of was Ms.Tarannum Naseem Raza. She is a professional career counselor, holding an engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunications, post which she completed her MBA.

With her logical abilities due to her technical background & her excellent command over the English language, coupled with her vast experience of 20+ years, she was a sought after faculty for such a webinar.

In her 13 + years with T.I.M.E., she has mentored thousands of students & guided them to achieve their goals. And her expertise was clearly visible as she conducted the webinar session with such calmness and pious.

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Srishti Sharma

Student Coordinator(s): Virendra Pratap Singh Rathore, Priyanshi Kathuria, Ansh Dodeja, Saumay Sharma, Rohit Dalal

No. of Registrations: 543, Total Turnover: 765

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