Webinar on Stress Management

Webinar on Stress Management

Student Branches of IEEE and IEI at The NorthCap University conducted a webinar on Stress Management on 11 May 2020, Monday from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. The Speaker for the session was Dr. Shweta Sharma, a Clinical Psychologist at Columbia Asia, Gurugram. Dr. Shweta first explained the differences between a psychologist, a clinical psychologist, and a counselor. She then talked about how she began her journey as a clinical. Dr. Shweta also touched upon the stigma associated with consulting psychologists, and how mental health is not given importance in India. Dr. Shweta gave numerous tips on how to strike a balance between personal and professional lives, and how to deal with stressful situations in both these aspects of one’s life. 450 registrations were received with a turnover of 120.

Speaker: Dr. Shweta Sharma, Consultant cum Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Columbia Asia Hospital, Palam Vihar, Gurugram.

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Srishti, Ms.Poonam Chaudhary, Ms. Neeti Kashyap, Ms. Hitesh Yadav

Student Coordinator(s): Virendra Pratap Singh(17csu207), Ansh Dudeja(18csu025), Yaashna Satyan (17csu211), Udit Kapoor(19csu237), Aviral (18ecu032) , Shreyansh Mamgain (17csu184), Anshika Sharma (19csu038), Akshay Makkar (18csu013), Animesh Das (19csu027), Ishita Bhatia (19csu138), Amay Kabityal (19csu033), Avenashak Parashar (18csu030)

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