Webinar on Introduction to 2D Game Development

Webinar on Introduction to 2D Game Development

Webinar on Game development was conducted by Mr. Siddharth Saxena on 9th May 2020 wherein a 2-D platformer game was made. The process was broken down into a tutorial of downloading unity from Unity Hub, installing WebGL, and Android module. We used the webGL module in the session. The goal of the webinar was to come up with a game where the player performs the basic functions of jumping and keyboard control, the player was running from one point to other and the player was supposed to touch the flags (endpoints). Default sprites were used from unity, various components of game development like a rigid body, colliders, tags, and layers were introduced. The game was made and was uploaded on itch.io. The webinar was organized on Microsoft Teams and was in collaboration with IGDA (The International Game Developers Association). 62 registrations were received, and 37 participants attended the session.

Speaker: Mr. Siddharth Saxena, Game Developer in Mages Studio, Singapore Ltd.

Faculty Coordinator: Ms Srishti

Student Coordinator(s): Deepanshu (18csu096), Ayush(17csu041), Atul(18csu041), Yatharth Piplani (17csu212), Virendra Pratap Singh Rathore (17csu207)

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