Webinar on Importance of Python in IT

Webinar on Importance of Python in IT

A webinar on Importance of Python in IT was organized by IEI CSE Student Chapter, NCU on 18th April 2020 at 11:00 AM. The speaker was Ms. Ruchi Arora, Software Engineer at HSBC Software India and is an alumnus of NCU. She highlighted that Python is an open source, high-level and powerful programming language that is well suited for scientific computing. The aim of the session was to provide exposure to the students on the use and benefits of Open Source Software. The speaker also emphasized on how these programming languages differ from the other languages like C, C++ and Java. The session was attended by around 40 NCU students. The online session received an excellent feedback from the participants, and they had appreciated the method of delivery.

Faculty coordinators: Ms.Neeti and Ms.Hitesh Yadav

Student Coordinators: Ansh Dudeja, Anveshak Parashar

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