Webinar on GIT Version Control

Webinar on GIT Version Control

The webinar on GIT Version Control took place on 4thApril 2020. Mr. Nikhil Taneja introduced the attendees to the workflow of version control systems. Contrary to the usual workflow of making and saving files, version control systems allows you to collaborate and save everything as checkpoints. In this session, Mr. Nikhil covered pragmatic examples and by the end, everyone got used to the collaborative system of working which is of utmost use in the obnoxious times of self-isolation. Everything from architecture to applications was discussed. The event was held under the IEEE NCU Student Branch. There were 115 registrations with a turnover of 74.

Speaker: Mr. Nikhil Taneja, Game Developer, and active member of Unity Usergroup in Delhi NCR

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Srishti

Student Coordinators: Mr. Soumye(17CSU214), Mr. Prabal Goyal(17CSU137), Mr. Sourabh Sharma(17CSU241)

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