Webinar on Essentialness of Competitive Coding to Discover your Dream Job

Webinar on Essentialness of Competitive Coding to Discover your Dream Job

Code Arts, an SIG of IEEE The NorthCap University SB in collaboration with IEEE Delhi conducted a LIVE webinar on the topic Essentialness of competitive coding to discover your dream job.

The speaker for the webinar Mr. Vipul Srivastava began by sharing his experience with Competitive Programming and how it helped him develop the thinking to approach a problem logically and analytically while taking care of optimality. He then highlighted the need to learn Competitive Programming as it helps one to solve maximum number of problems in a stipulated time as it is an easy and time efficient way . He then added that CP is a great form of mind sport, and is an excellent way of improving one’s programming skills which is recognized and supported by almost all big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and others.

He then added some ways on how to proceed to advanced concepts by simply taking some time out to master some basic concepts like arrays , searching ,sorting, queues and stack . He then highlighted that Time and space complexity topic is the most important part in Competitive Programming. In the end he shared his interview experience with Amazon and Google which grasped the attention of all the attendees.

He wrapped the session which was then followed by an interactive “Q & A” session in which the attendees actively tuned in to resolve their queries. Each question was patiently entertained by the speaker of the event.
The Guest Speaker for the webinar was Mr. Vipul Srivastava.He is a software development engineer at Amazon and top 3 in India on SPOJ . He is proficient in C++ especially data structures and algorithm part .He has 3 years of experience in IT industry and has been working in SAP India as a Development Associate Consultant.

Name of the Organizer/Faculty: Ms. Meghna Luthra , Mr. Sumit Kumar

Name/Roll No of student coordinators (if any): Rohit Dalal, Yatharth Piplani, Naindeep Kaur, Rahul Arora, Sahil Bhatia, Tanishka Tayal, Anant, Vishesh, Ansh Dudeja.

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