Webinar on Darkweb – Privacy vs Anonymity

Webinar on Darkweb – Privacy vs Anonymity

Society of Cyber Security Education & Research (SOCER) conducted a webinar on Darkweb – Privacy vs Anonymity by Mr. Mr. Rahul Dhawan, Cyber Security Enthusiast on 6th August, 2020 (Thursday). The webinar was aimed to help the participants understand the difference between privacy and anonymity and educate them on how to stay safe on the digital tools they use. It answered the very critical question – why the difference between anonymity, privacy, and security even matters across the various digital services we use?

Mr. Rahul Dhawan is a final year computer science student at NCU and a Cyber security enthusiast. He has scored under top 10 positions in many Catch the flag competitions around the world. He is also the founder of Cyber security focused group— “Anonymous”. He recently completed his internships in CyberPeace Foundation and Jolt India Electric.

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Prachi, Ms. Kanika Gupta
Student Coordinators: Jaspreet Singh (18csu094), Keshav Sharma (18csu108)

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