Visit to a School

Visit to a School

Team EWB made a visit to the school in Saraswati Enclave on 5th March 2020. The team delivered a session on “Digital study and E-learning”. In today’s era there are many resources for the students to learn online and with the use of devices such as projectors and pointer teacher can explain better to the students and hence resulting in better results. With this vision in their mind, they delivered a session of around 1 hour to the students as well as their parents talking about the resources present on the internet and how to access them. Session was interactive as many parents actively participated in the session and asked questions regarding the same.

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Monika and Manvi Breja

Student Coordinators: Abhishek Singh(President), Aman Sharma, Bharat Baweja, Abhishek Singh(Treasurer)

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